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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year...Or Should I Say Happy Inaguration!

Hey all....I am still alive and still off cigarettes! Staying smoke-free is still a struggle at times! I was in Vegas recently and a couple times it seemed kind of tempting but I really do not want to go back to being a slave to big tobacco. I have also been off work and have not really had much to say out here in blog-land! I have kind of been being a bum so to speak! As a teacher, I work non-stop and then when I do get my three weeks off for winter break, I just feel like relaxing. I did that for three weeks and now it is back to "real life."

Now that the party is OVER I figured it was finally time to post something! My first goal for the year is to update my blog...we will see. I have been wanting to do it since last summer and have not managed to get around to doing it! Can you say "Procrastination?" I can, its the story of my life! Sometimes I am totally on top of things and other times.....forget it!

Anyway, I went back to work this week after having three weeks off and boy was it hard! I am not used to waking up so early. Neither were my students so all of us were brain-dead! Also, I am at a new school and I am still totally not used to the schedule or how things happen. We have "final week" in three weeks so that is definitely a change! The school is really different for me! I went from teaching at a really small high school of 75 students 4 teachers, 1 principal, 1 office manager and 2 teachers assistance to a huge comprehensive high school that has 3,200 students, 20 administrators and over 200 teachers!! I cannot even figure out how many support staff members are on campus! In some ways its good and in some ways it sucks! I am just grateful to have a job as the California state budget is not looking too good and even in the schools, it is looking like a lot of people will lose their jobs.

I am excited that Obama is taking office next week and am hoping for positive change, especially in the economy. It just keeps getting scarier and scarier! I mean, all of these companies going bankrupt....I keep seeing more and more people losing their jobs. Circuit City seems to be one of the next getting ready to liquidate a lot of their store inventories. I will be happy to see a new regime in the White House and am hoping for things to get better for all. What are you guys more looking forward to in the future??

Fierce Diva