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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cameo Catch Up Blog Post!

Hey all,
I have had a bit of the stomach flu that has been going around so I have not really feeling too well or like posting much....for that reason I am labeling today is cameo catch up day!

First, I cannot believe that I have not lost any weight! I mean, having the stomach flu should have SOME benefits, but nope, apparently not for me! I am still at a 16 pound loss but in the last couple weeks, no loss, no gain! I guess I cannot complain. I have not done all that much in terms of meeting my weight loss goals so I can't really complain....but I am complaining! Oh well, there is always next week! The one thing I need to remember is when I work really hard on something, I achieve. When I half step and half ass, I accomplish very little! What a novel concept huh? Do something, get something! Do nothing, get nothing! I was more in the latter than the former so I guess I shouldn't be too upset! Besides, there is always next week!

The smoking thing was really hard a couple days this week. I wanted one so much I could taste it so I went back to my "quit class" to check in! I will have a year off the crap on November 11 and I really want to make it! It was cool to go check in...my facilitator was glad to see me and asked me to share with the class! Seeing people struggle hard to get a day off nicotine make me realize that delaying smoking a cigarette is way better than actually smoking one! I have not craved a cigarette in quite some time. Lets just say whenever I am under the weather, I want to smoke cigarettes and think about menthol's quit a bit! I don't really understand why it happens! Before I quit smoking, I would always crave getting high. I don't act on the feelings but they come up every time I am sick or rundown! I am feeling a lot better today fortunately.

Gotta run and catch up on some paperwork but first I am going back to bed for fifteen minutes!



MamaFlo said...

I'm glad you haven't given in and smoked or gotten high. I still do get cravings but thankfully those urges don't last very long anymore (hear me knocking loudly on wood). I'm glad I don't smoke anymore, really I am.
Keep moving forward Diva, I'm proud of your accomplishments!!!!

Sherri said...

Diva, you are so close! It's okay to have an urge, think about it and say, "nah". Glad you went back to class. You are a role model for them and us too!

lynda w said...

Good for you for not smoking! I've thought about it in passing during a few stressful times this week myself and then brushed it off quickly. I am so glad to still be smokefree and can't wait to celebrate my one year! (Can't wait to celebrate yours, too!)

Don't feel so bad on the weight loss thing. I've been so busy and unmotivated it's pathetic. Even forget to weigh in yesterday. Hopefully this week will be better! Here's to a new week...

Chris said...

Just saying hi and you're giving yourself a hard time because you lost 16lbs? mmm
Chris x

maggie's mind said...

The thoughts still happen, but I'm so glad you know what works for you to keep you on track. Hope you are feeling better soon!