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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Tuggings are Here...

Hi all,
Man, I have wanted to smoke really bad for the last three days! I just keep using the strategies I have learned and continue to take my Chantix. I think all this stress of identity fraud is getting to me. I went to my support group tonite. I will hopefully stay strong and keep telling myself that smoking is not an option anymore! Logging on and reading everyone's blog has been really helpful today. I am off to bed.


lynda w said...

Just remind yourself that it's going to taste aweful. You'll smell aweful. You'll feel aweful. Did I spell aweful right? LoL.

You have done so great and you can get through this. Go grab your straw and come take my dog outside - because, you know, that's the only way she'll ever get let out these days. Ha.

Hang in there, Diva. You can do it. Yell if you need us!

maggie's mind said...

Hang in there, Mz Diva! Sounds like you've got quite a bit more than just the little ones I call tuggings, but whatever it is you'll come through the other side stronger. You are doing fine - just keep going!