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Monday, November 10, 2008

This Time the Revolution WILL be Televised!

Lets just say gay folks and people who believe in equal rights for all Americans in California have taken it to the streets....literally! Lots of people are pissed about the religious right paying millions of dollars to pass Proposition 8 in California which outlaws gay marriage. I must say, I knew it was gonna be on when the farm animal bill passed that gave chickens the right to a certain amount of space in a cage and the rights of gays to marry were taken away in the very same election! Many people are outraged and not just gay folk. The day a chicken gets more rights than me is the day its time to stand up and organize. Washington here we come!




Chris said...

I don't know if we reach 11/11 before you or after you, but here it's 11/11 at 9.00am. So was thinking about your one year off the cigarettes. Congratulations and well done you.
Chris x

Brandie said...

Hey Diva!

Looks like I returned to blogging just in time to tell you CONGRATULATIONS for being quit for an entire year! I am sooo proud of you, I know you've had a real tough time of it.

I've been catching up on all you've done since I last checked in. I am super impressed at your 16 pound weight loss. I love how you realize your personal responsibility, and don't let a few days of bad eating or being in a slump deter you from your goal. Keep right on going!

I don't live in California, so I didn't know there was that chicken issue on the ballot. Yeah, that is ... messed up to say the least. Good luck with your lobbying.