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Saturday, February 9, 2008

According to the Chantix Counter 101 days! Lots of Money Saved! Lets do the Math...

I just posted but was trying to figure out how many days I have been off nicotine. I first started seriously trying to quit about five or six months ago. Lets see, it has been over three months since I have been on Chantix (I got a prescription extention.) Using this method, it has been at least 90 days off anything and lots of money saved! Then, before I started taking Chantix I was on the patch and only bought 1 pack of cigarettes in five or six weeks. I bummed them from time to time but did not buy them by the pack. Add the patch savings with the Chantix time. Lets see...thats about $580.00 saved just by not smoking cigarettes! To save that much money in roughly a six month period is crazy! I may miss smoking from time to time but I DO NOT miss spending $4.50 a day to kill myself or smelling like a dead ashtray!


MamaFlo said...

So what are you going to do with that money Diva? Did you actually save it, like putting that amount into a jar or a new savings account?
The bottom line is that you aren't smoking anymore and you really don't want them anymore (do you?).
What is the single strongest trigger for you?

For me it's completing a project (doesn't matter whether it was physical or cerebral).

Congratulations on another week Quit!!!

Mz Diva said...

Hey Mama,
Yeah I did put the money into a separate account! I took out what I would have spent that month and stuck it in a savings account. I do it monthly (I get paid montly) instead of the daily thing. I think I am going to get botox injections or my teeth whitened. When I was filming, I noticed on the playback a lot of lines that could use some help. The strongest trigger for me is stress and driving. When something stressful happens especially when driving, I want a cigarette badly! I got lost going to a meeting and was so stressed I could almost taste the cigarette. At those moments, I just tell myself it will pass and deal with the stress. Good to hear from you...when are you going to Vegas?