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Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was supposed to go to Rosirito Beach in Mexco today but there were problems with the reservations. The reservations said I booked for February 11, 2008 which just passed and was last weekend. I know I booked the trip for The Sunday of Presidents day to celebrate my birthday. The timeshare company is checking it out. Well, since that trip did not work out, I am going to Vegas for the today and tomorrow. I have been dying to get my gamble on! I have also thought about smoking recently but every time I smell cigarettes I think YUCK! HOW GROSS! I think I will be fine in Vegas. I am still on Chantix and I am going with non-smokers. I did fine at the Pachanga Casino in November after I got over the smell. Gotta run and pack!


MamaFlo said...

I'm jealous, I love Vegas, at least I did when I still smoked - hahaha!
Have a great time and make sure you let us know how you did.

lynda w said...

Whoo hoo! Have a great time! You'll do fine, I have faith in you!

maggie's mind said...

Have fun!

Brandie said...

Wow! Have an awesome (smoke free) time, and Happy Birthday!