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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life is a Fragile Thing....No Where is Really Safe Anymore....

When I was driving to work the other day, all of the streets were closed down. I couldn't figure out what was going on so I started listening to traffic radio. I began hearing about a "man armed with multiple weapons who shot two LAPD SWAT officers, killing one and wounding another, has been killed, and three other men also died at a Woodland Hills house." I live in the next suburban area near there called Winnetka! Well, come to find out after I could see that the house was going up in flames that morning that the radio was wrong! It was happening in my area of Winnetka (two blocks from my house and no wonder I could not get to work!)
A lot of people died needlessly in that situation and it made me realize how fragile life really is. No place is really a "safe" area. I was driving through a "better and safer area" to go work in a "more dangerous area of town" across the Valley. My heart goes out to the officers whose lives were lost in the line of duty trying to save the family of some nutjob who decided to kill off his own family members! I just can't even imagine what was going through this guys mind. He originally called the police saying he was going to kill his family and then had a shoot-out with them after killing his family members in cold blood. I guess the guy who did this was 20 years old and not a very stable individual. I am not sure if the police killed him or he is in jail.
I am still amazed and shocked that all this happened two blocks away. I definetly feel that it is important to live in the moment as you never know what can happen. I think the world is going crazy and not in a good way! Sorry to be a bummer today but lets just say the whole thing made me think!


MamaFlo said...

We live in a world of desperation and hate and it's times like that when we realize it doesn't just happen to the "Other Guy", it happens to us, our family, our friends, our neighbors and co-workers.
People are loosing their minds. Are we headed to an Apocalypse?
My father was a cop, my husband was a fed, I have 2 brothers that are cops and a nephew that's a cop. They are all in the STL area so you know when the first of the news stories on the crazy in Kirkwood Mo came out I was climbing the walls (as they didn't give a location on breaking news here in Texas but only said the St Louis area). What a tragic world!

lynda w said...

Thank God you're okay!!!! Is it just me or are these shooting crimes happening a lot all of a sudden?! First Tinely Park (mine and Maggie's growing up area), then Kirkwood (near Brandie) and now by you. Please oh please don't let there be anything else. It makes you scared to let your loved ones leave the house.

maggie's mind said...

I'm glad you are OK, and I agree that it is a scary world anymore. Very scary.