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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

161 days on Chantix; 151 days quit! Amazing stuff!

Hi all....
Ok, I just read Maggie's Blog and felt I should log in my quit days. This has been a huge milestone for me. It has been 151 days off of cigarettes and 161 days on Chantix. From what I have estimated, I have been off cigarettes and nicotine for a little over five months! I am still taking the one Chantix pill a day and am going to move down to 1/2 a pill a about a week or so. My doctor approved me for the full six months on Chantix since I was a 30 year smoker. (I started when I was 12 for those of you wondering how old I am....hey it was the 70's and everybody was smoked something!) Hell, I even remember my mom walking through the grocery store smoking cigarettes and there were ashtrays at the end of every aisle! Go figure how things change!

I am glad I finally woke up and decided to take the plunge into the world of being a non-smoker. I got clean and sober from drugs and alcohol but still stubbornly held onto my right to kill myself slowly. I am gearing up mentally to change my sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. I have changed my deadline to be where I want to be in terms of diet/exercise until April 15th. For now, I can only deal with small changes and detoxing off fast food except for once a week. I feel really optimistic about resetting a new lifestyle goal so I will be able to map it out just like I did with quitting smoking. I sat through a couple quit smoking classes before I REALLY knew I wanted it and had a plan of what I had to do to get it.

Hope everyone is good in quit land.


maggie's mind said...

Wow, 150 days (plus one!) is a huge milestone!

It's taken me until just the past couple of weeks to get more serious about the exercise and what I'm eating thing, and so far, it's going really well. I'm aiming just for a pound a week, but I'm mostly interested in the long term habits of less drive through and more regular exercise. From there, I can adjust as needed to maintain weight. It's amazing, though, how one big change like quitting smoking sets off the others.

You mentioned in your comment on my blog to email you, but since I don't have your email address, you are welcome to email me - maggies dot mind at yahoo (or click on link to my profile and then to my webpage - email address is near the bottom of the page).

MamaFlo said...

Aren't you thrilled you're a Quitter? I'm so glad we all kinda did this together cause I really do feel like we are all friends.

You were talking about smoking in grocery stores, girl, I remember doing that myself - OMG I'm OLD!! I remember being able to smoke anywhere and everywhere including college classrooms in the 70's.

Brandie said...

Wow .. smoking in grocery stores, eh? These days you get glared at if you smoke 20 feet away from every non-smoker outside in the open in the middle of a park where no one could possibly get a drift of the smoke.

Such an AWESOME acheivement!!!

johansmith said...

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