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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost six Months off smoking....Smoking Update!

I just thought I would post quickly and let people who read this that I am coming up on six months of being smoke free! I never thought that I would be able to function without Nicotine for even a day but amazingly enough, the days have turned into months! Even when I think about smoking it is just a thought that passes in and then out of my head pretty quickly. I owe my success to taking Chantix, support which consisted of blogging with others who are doing the same thing and going to a program where I was forced to look at the habit part of my smoking and start doing things differently. (I actually only went to the program originally to get my Nicotine patches and then the Chantix for the insurence co-pay price) This process has really changed my life. I hope everyone is doing well and even if a person slips and smokes or goes back to cigarettes/other Nicotine delivery devices, they will give it another shot. I quit MANY times (not for very long either) before I wanted to be a non-smoker more than I wanted that cigarette.

I keep blogging about smoking and my time away from cigarettes just because I have encountered so many cool people and feel that its really important to remember where I came from. One day my brain will tell me to smoke when something stressful happens and I want to have it firmly engraved in my head all the reasons I do not want to go back to smoking. Besides, one day someone may look up Chantix and read this blog and I want it to be as hopeful as the first blogs I read when I was considering using the drug. Speaking of Chantix, I am almost tapered off of it completely and should be by the time I hit my six month mark.


MamaFlo said...

Congratulations Diva, I'm proud of you as you come to this major anniversary. I think you will stay smoke free too because you've gone through some stressful situations without them already and you know you can live life and deal with the stressors without a cigarette in your hand.
We have all supported one another through those early days, weeks, months and some of us are still together and some of us have met other quitters as we blog more, we're pretty awesome!

maggie said...

Awesome, Mz Diva! I'm really thrilled for you, and I'm so glad that we've met along this journey. Wow. Almost 6 months. You are fabulous.