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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hey there all...
I have been super busy looking for another job! I have faxed out over 30 resumes and cover letters and am following up by mail. I am also tutoring twice a week so my time is really limited! I sat sat down and wrote for the fun of it last night when I posted and it was really cool! Stuff came to me that I have not thought about in years!

Anyway, as far as fitness, I took my beautiful Siamese cat Yoda to the vet. She kind of has an eating disorder! She is a HUGE almost 20 lb cat that freaks out if food is not in her bowl. I met a really sweet guy who is a vet in one of my smoking classes and her recommended a special diet for her. She gets to eat and the food is super low-fat/calorie. I am in the process of doing 50/50 split between this food and her old "low calorie" food until I can more her to that food completely. He told me that when you restrict an older cats food too much they can have system failure so he wants her to try and lose weight this method first. When I took her in, the vet was super sweet. He told me that Yoda was going to be fine and he would work with me to help her lose the weight so she would be more healthy. I was really sad when he told me he was smoking again.

I really did not think this guy would be telling me he picked up the habit again. I mean, he was like the model ex-smoker from the class! I offered to meet him at the class (as we can all pop back in when we are feeling weak) and I showed up but he didn't. I was feeling kind of week and was stressed so smoking was kind of sounding good on some level. I guess it was good that I went! The topic of the class was "Smoking and Stress" and it was taught by a sub and not the instructor I am used to. The topic made me realize that I was dealing with stress not so much the desire to smoke. Then I saw all the new people, some with freshly applied nicotine patchs on! I remembered the feeling of wanting to jump out of my own skin and it brought me right back to the beginning of this journey! I do not want to begin the quitting process again and I definitely do not want to revisit the "Kicking nicotine" part of this whole ordeal. It is way easier to stay quit than to quit again!

Anyway, as for my fitness goals, I am going to call Jenny Craig this week. I have done better in terms of eating but I am going to need a bit of help when it comes to eating the right amount of calories and fat. I mean if the cat can be on a weight loss program, so can I! I gotta go so I can take a shower and mail out those resumes. Hopefully I will get a job by the end of this semester.


maggie's mind said...

I have a kitty with a weight problem, too. It's hard because the other two have no problem, and the whole issue of keeping her special food separate created new problems.

Good luck with your fitness thing, too! I've lost about 4-6 pounds so far tracking online (free website) my little bits of exercise and everything I'm eating. I just aim for a certain number of calories per day based on my age, weight, activity level and balance the carbs, fat and protein (50/30/20). So far, so good, and I'm thinking of it as a lifestyle change with a free day each week to indulge. I'll send you the link if you want.

Mz Diva said...

The link would be great! Send it on over!