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Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Under the Weather...Allergies SUCK!

I have been feeling really under the weather the last week or so. The weather out here changed from mid-temperature where you could wear pants to super hot and humid! I feel like I am in the south or back east. I feel awful and need to get some rest but my body is really achy and my nose is either totally congested or dried up from the allergy medication. I guess I will survive for Open House which is tomorrow night at my school. Today I really wish I was married so I had someone to take care of me and feed me chicken soup. For whatever reason a menthol cigarette has sounded really good today but I just tell my head, "thanks for the suggestion" and keep on doing what I need to do. Thank God for blogging and Chantix!


maggie said...

Hang in there! I agree, it sucks. Funny how the menthol thought creeps in there, but then we just push it back out. I love that "thanks for the suggestion" bit - that's actually pretty funny. Fee better!

Brandie said...

Aww... I hope you feel better! I here ya on the menthol thing. As a smoker, menthol always seemed soothing when you were sick, didn't it? But we just illusion ourselves, because mint flavored or not, it was only making things worse. I hated smoking when I was sick, it just seemed so self-defeating. Same thing when smoking after a great workout. Hope you feel better soon! Also, I added your link to the Trim Up Tuesday blogroll.