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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Man, the
 changes just keep coming! I asked for a reinvention but this is ridiculous! I have been interviewing for different teaching positions for quite a few months but due to budget cuts and hiring freezes, it has been close to impossible to get another position. I had put in for a transfer and it was already approved and they had no where to send me so the school district I work for assigned me to a sub pool! Oh what fun!  Being a sub is not exactly a party! Just when I accepted that that was where I was going, the district called me when I was in Tennessee and told me to report back to my previous school. I really had no idea what was up and then I got a call about the school I really wanted! I got it....just in time I might add; school starts tomorrow! 

A few months ago, I was discussing a job offer for a school that I really wanted but didn't get....well, this is the school I ended up getting hired at. Its WAY closer to my house and with gas prices being what they are, thats a good thing!  Originally, this school thought I was "too creative" to teach the scripted program that they were hiring for.  They thought that because I wouldn't really have to think, I would want to get creative! I had to convince them that after working for five years in a program where I had like five preps and was always having to revamp what I was doing, not having to think too hard sounded pretty damn good! Unfortunatly, thee people who interviewed me found it really hard to believe. I finally figured that it was a done deal and had resigned myself to just going wherever I ended up.  I just turned it over so to speak and was just willing to do the footwork and go where I ended up.  Since I was in Tennessee, I had no real power or desire to hustle jobs! Funny thing is, another position became available at the school that originally thought I was too creative.  We were going back and forth discussing if the position was going to be a good fit when I was training in Tennessee.  Well, it finally happened! I got the job and started today! My classroom looks a wreck and I am clueless about a lot of things but I am really excited! This is a new challenge that I am scared about but know its a necessary evil.

I am going to be crazy busy planning, decorating and packing healthy lunches.  If I don't post for awhile, you guys know what's up. Also, I pulled a muscle and have felt better.  Well, happy school days and wish me luck! I will probably need it! 



Tina-cious.com said...

Damn girl you aren't kidding about the revamping!

Good luck with EVERYTHING!! :)

MamaFlo said...

Congratulations Diva!!
Looks like your life is definitely taking some fantastic turns, keep moving forward Diva, you are headed into a new part of your life!!!

Jude said...

My hat is definitely off to you for being a teacher!

Sounds like things are really coming together for ya, not counting the injury. How bad is it?

Christie O. said...

wow! congrats on the new gig, that's awesome! it's funny how changes, positive ones, happen all at the same time sometimes! so sorry to hear about the sprain, man that stinks! kudos to you for keeping on keeping on!!

swatkins said...

HI Diva, It's Shari, Fellow Fitcamp suvivor checking in on you. How's it going? Are you keeping any of the workouts going? I've been exercising about 5 x a week, I added spin class, elipitcal, and power lifting to my water workouts. see you got the job you were hoping for. I hope it all works out for you.

maggie's mind said...

Wow, awesome, Diva! I'm really glad that it all kind of fell into place, and just in time, too!

Danielle said...

I just wanted to wish you luck at your new job! I have read your comments on Maggie's page and just now decided to check out yours... I am also a teacher and yes jobs are few and far between these days!!!
Congrats on the 12 pounds!!! That is awesome!!! I assume you will be participating in the Hot for the Holidays group challenge that Christie O from babytealeaves is sponsoring and wanted to wish you luck there too!!!
Take care!

Brandie said...

Wow... I'm so happy for you! Best of luck, I hope to hear an update soon, but if not, I understand you're all busy and stuff now ;-)

Major contrats on your 12 pounds, and all of your significant life changes!

Sherri said...

Fantastic news, Diva. Understand tha time crunch on blogging. But please post every so often so we can celebrate with you. Congrats on the fitness regimen and diet. You will be great in the new job. Way to go!