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Friday, March 7, 2008

Catching Up on My Blogging....Stress Sucks!

Hi there all.....
I just gone done catching up on all of the blogs I used to read daily. I miss you guys and my support system and figured I better post! I have been craving cigarettes like mad! Sometimes my best thinking is not the way to do things.... I had been on Chantix for four months so I figured that when the prescription ran out, I would not fill it. I figured that I was on it a month longer than most people so I would be fine if I just stopped taking it. Bad decision! I was cranky and irritable because it is the most stressful time of the year for me and I have a lot of things to do. After four days of being one very unhappy camper, I called my doctor and told him I thought I should taper off slowly and he agreed. (My students probably would have agreed too if you would have asked them. I refilled the prescription and he told me to either take a full dose every other day or go down to one pill a day. I am taking one pill a day and my anxiety and stress level is way better and fortunately, I did not smoke even though I was really tempted. I DO NOT want to be a pack a day smoker and spend a lot of money on killing myself and smelling bad! I am finalizing my historical research project that I will present at the beginning of April and am finishing my resume, cover letters and other paperwork I will need to send out during spring break. The budget for California just came out and a lot of teachers are probably going to be laid off on March 15. The economy is going crazy out here and a lot of people are losing their jobs along with their homes. I hope all is well everyone and I continue to look at fellow bloggers posts when I feel good or when I feel bad! I like being a non-smoker 90% of the time and want to keep it like that!
Holla back all!



MamaFlo said...

HURRAH for you Diva!!!
Congratulations on staying smoke free regardless of the stress you endured. I for one am very proud of your decision to stay quit.
I agree with you about that pack a day habit, it would be sooooo easy to return to and I really don't want to do it ever again. It has to get easier, just has to!

maggie's mind said...

Good for you, MzDiva! I'm glad you talked with your doctor about tapering off. For me, I'm not convinced it mattered on way or another, but knowing from my doctor that there was no harm, it helped me to prepare mentally. Glad you are hanging in there!

Brandie said...

You're doing great! Hang in there and stay strong. As far as the Chantix goes, do whatever works best for you. Best of luck, we're rooting for ya!

lynda w said...

Congrats on staying strong. I tried to stop the Chantix, too since I kept forgetting to take it and noticed my cravings got worse. I'm now taking one every morning and that seems to help. In a couple of days, I'm going to decrease it to a half of pill every morning and see how that works. Good luck to you!