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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reduction in Force (RIF) Notices for Teachers and Other Social Service Workers in California

Hi all....today is a weird day for me. I am kind of worried as the economy in my state is going crazy! Lets see, where do I start? I responded to Mama Flo's blog and realized how fed up I am with financial decisions that have been being made by people who have no clue. During the last eight years with the Bush Administration, I have seen federal education funds cut to practically nothing. The "No Child Left Behind" laws have really hurt kids and left LOTS of them behind! Teachers and support staff in public schools and other social service institutions are waiting for RIF (reduction in force) papers because there is no money for schools and teachers, but there is plenty of money for defense. Our state funds are pretty non-existent too. I understand that gas is over $3.50 a gallon and times are tough all over. The sad truth of the matter is most people DO NOT WANT TO SEND THEIR KIDS TO PUBLIC SCHOOL (if that can possibly help it.) Between violence, lack of supplies and sometimes forty bodies stuffed in a room in the most overcrowded places, I can't really blame them. A lot of people want other educational options for their kids and I agree that Charter Schools can be good thing along with other specialized programs. The problem with Charter Schools is that a lot of money is taken from the public schools and then the schools slip into a state of decline. Hopefully, I will not get a notice of non-reelection come this Friday. I am close to being permanent in status with LAUSD. There are lots of other people that will get laid off before me. Wish me luck. I haven't smoked yet!


maggie's mind said...

Fingers crossed for you. It's sad that someone can work hard and then have to keep fingers crossed that they can keep their job, especially when it is something so vital like teaching. We live in such a scary time.

MamaFlo said...

I hope your job scares ease and you are able to concentrate on teaching your students instead of worrying about whether you will have a job or not.
My kids went to public elementary school but private high school and college. The reasons we sent them to private high school is because we wanted them to get a better rounded education, we wanted them to have the opportunity to shine at one or more things without needing to be a pro level athlete or concert musician, etc.
Our feelings are that most public schools are way too large and that most children do not get the opportunity to be "someone extraordinary" during this critical years of maturity. It's the same 150 kids in a 1,500 student class that are the athletes, musicans, class leaders, prom king/queen, club presidents, etc. What happens to those other 1,350 children?
High School is as much about maturing as it is about book education. Make the classes smaller, give more opportunity to more children and watch the successes!!

Brandie said...

Best of luck in these scary times! Props for staying smoke free, I know I'd sure be tempted if I were in your shoes. Stay strong, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.