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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camel Snus...Big Tobacco Tries to Fight Back the Anti-Smoke With Collectable Containers Of Course! After All, Camel Cash was Banned!

The Camel of Death Strikes Again! Sometimes I really Miss Joe....He Was so Cute and Sexy and Cool!
Now they use this boring looking guy...definitely not my guy Joe! Or cool enough to make me want to pick up a Camel...but then again, I was a Marlboro kinda girl and Marlboro is coming out with the own version of SNUS soon! Lets hope they don't send me the free offer.

Today, I was at the Post Office picking up my mail, I got a "special offer" from Camel for a product called SNUS! I can get two whole boxes of SNUS, Original and Frost; absolutely FREE! I guess they want to make sure that I get to try BOTH flavors! Well, no thanks Camel, I don't smoke OR use products that contain Nicotine! Thank God for Chantix and my fellow bloggers! It has been over eight months that I have picked up a cigarette, cchewed Nicorete gum or spent any money on anything Nicotine related and I really want to keep it that way.

For those of you who have not seen this stuff, (which I never had even heard of until today) Snus is a new nicotine delivery device that is manufactured in Sweden by British American Tobacco, under contract, and it is a product being pushed to people who want to smoke but are having problems finding a spot to do it in! Also, those concerned with second-hand smoke can put Snus in their mouth and VIOLA, they get that good old fashioned nicotine rush! All I have to say is, Good Lord, the Anti-Smoke has a lot of work to do because Phillip Morris and Co. are some sneaky little bastards and want to keep getting paid! When people start quitting, they need to answer! One such answer is Snus.

When I looked up Snus on the net, I found that many people are singing the praises of it and I guess Marlboro (my former brand...we broke up after a 30 year relationship) even has their own version of it coming out! I also found out about some other smoke free products (such as an electronic cigarette, now that one could be kind of tempting) from this site called Zimbo. I found a page where smokers who do not want to quit rate each new smoke-free product! Anyway, I was one of types of smokes determined to hang onto my ignorance and always figured I was going to die or something so why not just let it be from smoking! When I started read some of their posts at: http://www.zimbio.com/Smoker I got a real dose of gratitude that the light of motivation went on and I have stayed quit this time! I am not so arrogant to think I am any better than someone who wants to continue to smoke cigarettes (Because after all, they are hooked just like I was or someone who has quit and gone back to it!) The light of inspiration can go out as quickly as it came on and that is the true nature of addiction folks! It is how Big Tobacco continues to sell products that kept me hooked for a good thirty years and why people often going back to whatever their drug of choice or addiction happens to be!

Just for today I am not going to buy Snus, smoke a cigarette or use anything with Nicotine in it. I learned in AA over 21 years ago, one day is as long of a committment as I need to make. Wishing everyone a smoke-free Saturday!



VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting said...

Congratulations on quitting your relationship with Kid Nicotine and for recognizing Snus for what it really is--just another nicotine delivery system designed to hook more people into a knock out fight with Kid Nicotine and Nicotine always wins. For free quitting tips, visit www.StopSmokingStayQuit.blogspot.com
VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting, a former smoker, Cancer Thrivor and smoking cessation facilatator

Jude said...

I am glad you put that skull there by that Joe the Camel add...cuz he was looking pretty darn cute for half second.
I hear you...I am just exactly the same as people still smoking, I don't *have* a smoking problem, but I can get one real quick.
Despite the fact that I was always apologetic to people about my smoking habit--inside I was never sorry--it was who I was. It was, who I thought was really me. I thought cigs defined me.
I'm 32 years old now, and the aging process will take care of itself without my pushing it along. So like I always say 'fun is fun and done is done.'
It really and truly is an addiction just like any other drug.

Now, even though I have put on a few lbs (10 or more to be honest) I am a lot fitter...I have been going to the gym every single day.
So what has been defining me as of late? Poor eating (6 granola bars after dinner, I mean, what? Totally out of control on so many levels)...and good gym habits.
Tomorrow, I am starting a thing where I have to email a partner of everything I eat each day, and her and I have made a pact to make it 3 weeks. Hopefully I can do it--I have just been shoving everything in sight into my mouth lately.

Glad you are back, keep up the blogging!

MamaFlo said...

Diva - E-Cards are Entrecard. You make yourself up an advert (advertisement - mine is the little bird) and people drop on your card (advert) and you go to different sites and drop on cards on their site and you gain points and then you advertise for the points you earn and you advertise on other people's sites. It brings you loads of blog traffic. I've met lots of interesting people and I'm having a ball. Go to Entrecard and give it a whirl.

Sue said...

Diva, you're doing so good! I too smoked for over 30 years and who I was was a "smoker". I'm so glad to lose that label and just be me.

I have to admit that seeing those pictures prompted a quick urge on my end, but it passed as quickly as it came. No thanks Big Tobacco!

Lets keep quitting one day at a time!

Brandie said...

Congrats on 240 days not smoking, as well as turning down the SNUS offer. Where was that when I was quitting 7 months ago? Oh well, it probably would have done me more harm than good!

Tabatha said...

I wanted to come by and thank you for coming to visit my blog it really means a lot to me. Again thanks and keep comin by ;-)

maggie's mind said...

Wow, I've never even heard of Snus. Sounds kind of like chew but without the spitting, and I can see how it could be an appealing alternative for someone trying to quit smoking, but it's just a pretty package for the same poison. I am *so* very glad that it doesn't even appeal to me today.

(I was sure I'd commented on this post when I read it. My mind is broken.)

MamaFlo said...

For me the hardest part of quitting was the whole "dance", it wasn't the nicotine. I think a cigarette by any other name is still a cigarette.
I just passed my 10 month mark and although I still get tuggings I'm not headed backwards......this train has no reverse, only forward.

Anonymous said...

Smoking is no longer welcome within EU countries. Many countries already imposed ban smoking on public places. This step has significantly improved the public health. Smokers are looking for alternative to cigarette, they are addicted by nicotine. Therefore snus is getting more share the tobacco market. Now the question who will the rest of anti smoking campaign to succeed to convince all smokers to quit nicotine alltogether.

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