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Thursday, July 17, 2008

BTW, 240 Days off Cigarettes

That is a whole lot of cigarettes not smoked! Lets see, that is 4,800 cigarettes not smoked give or take a few! Also, I have saved a TON of money by not smoking! I have saved like $1,300.00 dollars and have put the money towards stuff that is actually good for me as opposed to stuff that is going to kill me!

I redid the collage and I think it looks much better! Now I need to know how to embedded the captions like how Maggie's are done! Maggie, holla with the info if you read this please! Any help would be great since I am in the process of learning!


lynda w said...

Great job, Diva! I've saved a bunch of money as well, but couldn't tell you where the heck it went. Ha. It's all good.

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