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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Officially on Vacation! Still Not Smoking Although I Did Really Consider Smoking Hookah as it Looks Nothing Like a Cigarette! CAN WE SAY DENIAL???

Hey All!
Wasssssssssup! I am still smoke free but let me tell you, I am in a hotel right near a Hookah lounge and really had to force myself to walk past it and not stop. For those of you who have never seen or smoked a hookah, it is smoking out of a large waterpipe and since it looks nothing like a cigarette, I was in DENIAL for a hot minute and my mind kept telling me that a little flavored hookah tobacco would be a really nice way to relax and chill. I mean, its not really smoking I told myself....I was right about to go into the lounge to go buy me some Carmel Apple flavored stuff and felt that tugging like, "That's not really a good idea." I kept walking but damn that was a close call! Its amazing how easy it is to think one thing is different than the other! I mean tobacco has Nicotine in it and for me, Nicotine is highly addictive! I used to tell myself all kinds of crazy things to justify staying high on drugs. I really have the mind of an addict! Not a good thing really.

When I got back to the hotel, I still wanted some hookah so I took a look at my laptop and looked at all of the money I have saved by giving up the disgusting habit! According to my calculations, I first started the quit process with the patch in October. I only bought one pack from October to November 11th. I then started Chantix on November 11, 2008. I have not bought any cigarettes so I have saved a total of about $1200.00! My average cost of smoking cigarettes was about $4.50 a day! It definitely adds up. I have a lot of days that have added up too. I am not exactly sure how many today but I need one of those day calculators! How do I get one? I am sick of doing it myself.

Anyway, it rained a lot today and when I came back from sightseeing, I feel deep asleep! I need to get up early to pack as I am leaving for Cape Cod, Provincetown on the afternoon ferry! I am so glad I did not rent a car here. Its super expenive to park. Besides, driving does not help with relaxing and I have really needed to relax! I will try to post again! Hope everyone is doing well.


maggie's mind said...

Hope you are having a blast, and I'm glad you were able to talk sense to yourself. That's awesome. Have fun!

Jude said...

I have never heard of hookah! i thought that was a word you made up hahah.
good for you lady!
have a blast

Chris said...

Some people here call it Nagila ... it's also banned in restaurants now, so you get lots of people outside Turkish restaurants and stuff. I must say I've never really seen the appeal of it. As for getting addicted to it, well you can't exactly carry one round in your pocket or handbag!!!

Have a great vacation and look forward to reading your posts when you get chance to.

If you want smoking calculator thingy, you click on the link at the bottom of one of them and go to website which gives you the instructions how to do it. It was quite easy I found.

Chris x

Mz Diva said...

Maggie, some days I have more ability to talk sense into myself than others! If I do not sit down and do some work on editing this video I am gonna be in BIG trouble....Someone talk some sense into my lazy butt!

Jude, Hookah is a for real word and a real smoking activity. Its big in Los Angeles where I live. I used to get a taste for Beedie cigarettes too! They are Indian cigarettes that are wrapped in tobacco leaves. Years ago, when I was a job developer in the hood my darling juvenile deliquent kids got me into them.

Chris, I am not surprised that you guys have Hookah in London with the huge Indian population there. Do they smoke Beedies too?

I am about to get off the ferry to go to Cape Cod, Provincetown. I can't wait!


MamaFlo said...

Good for you that you walked on by. I've smoked one of these.

Mz Diva said...

Mama flo,
You smoked one recently? There are no Hookah lounges where I am at so I think I am good for now! I used to smoke other things in water pipes but that was a long time ago. Happy 4th!

petertparker said...

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