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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not Exactly Thirteen Thursday But Close! More than 13 More pics from My Trip

I promised to post some cool pics from my trip to Cambridege and not just the awful dorms so here they are. I originally tried to do the 13 Thursday Meme but ended up with something else.
More Than 13 Pictures from Cambridge, MA (Mostly Harvard University)
When we first arrived on campus, this was the reception hall we had our first networking meeing at. It was also the place we would be meeting in for our daily lectures. We were told that we would be creating a project and presenting at the end of the seminar. (Yep, they actually wanted us to study! ) The building itself was spectacular!

This is why some people were so happy... good service and tons of free booze!

This are some close-ups of the hall decor. The pieces were pretty amazing huh? I love old, historical stuff that can tell a story on its own.

This is where my group worked on our project. Well, actually we had some drama with the group thing. Me and this other guy seceded from our assigned group and did our own project! Being in a scholarly program IS EXACTLY like being on a reality TV show but that is another post for another day.

This is the statue of John Harvard that is located in front of University Hall. I passed it every day before getting to class. It is also known as the statue of "Three Lies."Although the inscription reads "John Harvard, Founder, 1638," none of these three statements is true. The seated figure is not really John Harvard, since no authentic pictures of Mr. Harvard existed; John Harvard was not the founder of Harvard College; and the College was founded in 1636. The statue is an immensely popular draw for tourists, and thousands of visitors a year rub John Harvard's shoe for luck.
The gates to the university which led to the building where my class was held. My Professor, Skip Gates usually only works on Mondays and teaches only two classes a YEAR, one in Spring and one in Fall. He was getting ready to go finish shooting a documentary on Lincoln after the class wrapped. Now that is the kind of teaching schedule I need.

The main library and yes, it is HUGE inside!
I never saw more people reading in my life!

Our days were pretty full. We had daily lectures and went on some field trips also.
There are really random things of beauty in Cambridge. Lots of people have these flower boxes in their windows. They are really pretty!

This is the old burial ground right next to the campus....I love old grave sites like this.

Skip took us all to Bartley's Burgers for lunch one day....I have never seen a bigger burger and the onion rings and sweet potato fries were amazing...or a heart attack waiting to happen! The burgers are named after rock stars and political figures. There was even a "Professor Skip" burger on the menu! Bartley's works their employees really hard (I have never seen a line that long for a burger) but provides them a living wage, medical insurance and profit sharing!

This is the Weld Boathouse where the Harvard Rowing Crew practices off the Charles River. All Harvard students and faculty with a valid Harvard I.D. are invited to use Weld's assortment of sculls (one-person rowing shells). I think I will save that for another trip....

Gotta run.....Happy Travels to Everyone! If you are a teacher and are considering applying for a fellowship grant such as Teaching American History or Gilder Lehrman, I would definitely recommend it! It totally changed my perspective of education in more ways than one.




maggie's mind said...

I don't quite get the connection to Thursday Thirteen, but I do love the pictures! Such a gorgeous place, and I'm thrilled you were able to have that wonderful experience.

Mz Diva said...

Well, today is Thursday and I thought I had about 13 pictures I wanted to post from Cambridge! Originally I was feeling too lazy to make up 13 separate sentences or facts about the trip, so I just counted the photos. When I found out there were more than 13, I decided to just "think outside of the box" to try to make it fit in with the Thursday 13 format. I didn't think anyone would notice but I guess you did!

MamaFlo said...

The stateliness of Harvard is why it costs so much to attend, and I guess the professors.
The grounds and buildings are works of art and there is something so cozy about Cambridge.

lynda w said...

Great pictures. Looks like an amazing place!