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Monday, August 18, 2008

Diva of Reinvention at Fitcamp

Hi all,
I am in Nashville and today is my first real workout day at fit camp. Yesterday, we got measured, weighed and were given groceries which consisted of lean proteins, veggies and whole grain/wheat carbs and were required to plan menus so we can eat six times daily while staying within our caloric allotment.  We also toured the gym and it was truly amazing! The gym even has a movie theatre sized cardio theatre room where they show movies and as you watch you work out on treadmills, elliptical machines and other gym equipment instead of eating popcorn.  I am excited and scared at the same time. I have been pretty inactive for quite a long time and will be working out twice a day as well as eating really cleanly. There are a total of eight of us and we are training with two different trainers. One of the trainers is Isabeau Miller who was one of the final four on "The Biggest Loser" season four and the other is Jacob Carringer, an ex marine who trained her for the finale.

When we first arrived and went over everything, Isabeau kept telling us that we were going to be sore. Actually she said it so often that I wondered if she was over exaggerating. I guess we will see as the first few days go by. If you are interested in seeing some of my journey as well as the other people I am with,or you want to know more about fitcamp and low carb living, you can see it on Jimmy Moore's Living La Vida Low Carb Blog. He is here participating and he and his wife are documenting the whole experience for the readers of his blog. His blog has a ton of information on low carb living. He will also be posting video clips daily so if your desperate for some excitement, take a look!  

Anyway, today was our first workout with Jacob and I did an hour of cardio and then another hour workout with Jacob.  The groups were split into two groups and we flip-flopped. Four of us did cardio and then four worked out with Jacob. (there are a total of eight of us)    Lets just say this vacation will not be an eating through the south tour which is basically what I did last year when I was on the Civil Rights tour for work.  I did go and eat at Corkeys BBQ last night....the proverbial last supper so to speak. Today the detox from prefabricated foods begins!

As for smoking....let's just say that I am glad that I am not a smoker trying to get in shape as it is bad enough being a former smoker trying to get into shape.  I need to go and eat lunch as we go back to the gym at 1:30.  We are required to eat small amounts every three hours so our body will be fueled properly.  I am off to make my low carb (no bread-lettuce leafs instead) turkey sandwich.  I also need to menu plan so if you guys know any good low cal recipes for chicken breast etc. let me know! 



Tina-cious.com said...


So it's low carb there?? That surprised me a bit.

Mz Diva said...

Tina, thanks I will need it! The eating plan is not low-carb but its limited carb and they teach you to always eat a carb with a protein. The carbs are clean or not processed like the pasta is whole grain pasta, the rice is brown rice... there is no bread this week. The carbs we eat are fruit and veggie carbs plus the clean/unprocessed food carbs. Jimmy is the only person here who is totally low carb like no bread, pasta, stuff like that ever.

maggie's mind said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you are taking charge to make the changes you want to see. If you look on my blog under the link to cooking, you should find quite a few recipes that I have linked when I've taken pictures. Almost every one of those I've posted since March or so has been relatively healthy. I am not a low carb person, so I can't promise that, but they are relatively healthy if eaten in the number of portions mentioned in the recipe, and if I put them on the blog, they were pretty good! I hope you will post any good ones you try, too.

Brandie said...

How exciting! It sound like so much fun! Okay, I'm sure you'll be plenty tired and frustrated, but it's gonna make you feel real good. I'm so excited for you... keep us posted.

Sherri said...

I'm so proud of you for making these lifestyle changes. Good luck with the fitness regimen and learning a new way to eat in a healthier way. I am here for you, cheering every step of the way. Anxious to hear all about camp when you are finished. Remember, it takes a while.

Jude said...

I just read your two posts (can't watch the vid at work) and want to send extra kudos your way.

It sounds like a fabulous gym. I am a teeny bit jealous, though I am not too fond of dieting.
Look at all the positive things you have done!

Christie O. said...

WOWWW! WOOHOO! Good for you! Isabeau was one of my favorites!! Tell Hi from bloggyland!! :) Good luck to you!!