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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fitness, Weight Gain and Getting off the Couch!

Hey all,
Thanks so much for the support. There definitely seemed to be something in water when I started reading other blogs and seeing I was not the only one who was having cravings! Maybe it was the moon alignment or the planets or something but whatever it was, I am glad that it has passed and I did not light up.

I was reading some posts from another quitter VJ Sleight at http://stopsmokingstayquit.blogspot.com/ and the post "Quitting is not a One Time Event" really hit home! I have been off cigarettes for almost nine months! (The 11th is the big day!) Its easy to forget that every little accomplishment creates a situation where even if I have a really strong urge, I know it will eventually go away! Just knowing that I can get through things without lighting up a cigarette is a miracle that is easy to take for granted! I cannot afford to take this gift for granted...its too easy to go back to active addiction so I continue to blog about it which brings me to my next topic....Weight gain and fitness (or lack thereof) after quitting. I must say, I feel like VJ is writing topics especially for me and I have been on her blog a lot! Her last post, Weight Gain Tied to Emotional Issues when Quitting Smoking almost made me fall off my computer chair! I mean, I definitely wasn't going to fall off my treadmill! Anyway, in that same post, VJ stated, "Quitters will often replace food as a source of comfort just like they had been using their cigarettes. With each emotion is an emotional need that needs to be addressed instead of covering it up with a substance." Now when I first read that, I was like ,"Oh hell no!" and I did not want to admit that some of the additional eating could be happening to cover emotions or to fill up what most addicts of one thing or another call "that feeling of emptiness" When I started looking at this level of weight gain honestly, I have to address two things: I am partly eating to deal with emotions and what I am choosing to eat is not what I would call a nutritionally sound diet! I mean, how healthy can the .99 cent cheeseburger at McDonalds be anyway?

I am looking for others bloggers who are working on a fitness plan as a I need one! Anyone who knows some good support sites, let me know. The online support thing seems to work for me! For the record....and its an ugly record but I have to get honest here: I have gained about 35 pounds since I quit smoking and I was not small to start with! I mean, I am carrying around the extra weight of a toddler! I am started to get concerned! I told Christine O. that I wanted to join the weigh-in on Fridays because her "Summer of Me slim down" fitness and exercise contest seemed so cool! I wish I would have been ready to get ummmm "moving" earlier in the summer!
Lets just say, whether or not I am ready, it is going to happen. For those of you who do not know, I signed up for a fitness camp in Nashville, Tenn and I will be there for two weeks starting on the 16th. I will be moving A LOTand eating healthy nutritious food whether I like it or not! I will definitely be getting off the couch as the fit camp staff comes and picks you up at your hotel and takes you to the gym twice a day!
Gotta run,


maggies mind said...

Good for you taking charge! I've dropped 16 of the 20 I gained with the quit. For me it's a simple plan with daily calorie goals and balancing my carbs/fat/protein (50%/30%/20%) eating whatever I want but in smaller portions or made healthier. Walking a 20 minute mile twice in a work day where a couple cigarette breaks used to be has helped, too. I don't consider it "dieting" since I eat what I want and even have a free day each week, and I am doing something easy enough that I can maintain this lifestyle change for pretty much forever without feeling deprived. Good luck to you!

Jude said...

wow diva, a fitness camp. is there anything you can't do?

again, you are an inspiration.

I have not been to the gym since sunday. just feeling too blue lately. will get back into it tomorrow!

MamaFlo said...

Okay, I'm going to brag here - no weight gain since I quit smoking almost 11 months ago. I'm grateful I've never had a problem with my weight, always had a good metabolism. I know it's essential to eat something three times a day regardless if you're hungry or not, your body has to have something to burn.
I want to exercise but can't yet - my lungs are shit from smoking so much for 36 years......I can't hardly do heavy cleaning without needing to sit down because I can't catch my breath (really).
I guess each one of us has a burden to carry that we can associate with cigarettes.

We're here for you Diva - Always!!!

Brandie said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you're ready to take charge. I know from experience that people often sit in denial -- not ignorance, but denial, for a period of time before taking action. Some people never return, and just slip away further. I'm glad you're not one of those. I'm glad you're taking charge, and I'm glad you're ready to turn around. And I'll be here to cheer you on, or answer any questions you might have!

Chris said...

Yes, all that "covering up emotions" stuff which I flatly deny with smoking - alcohol and drugs I can understand. My best AA friend (he goes, I don't) gives me that all the time. He gave up drink and cocaine - swiftly followed by cigarettes (and yes, he's put on loads of weight). I'm tired of fighting my addictions, aren't you? Need to let go let god I suppose. lol
But WHY oh WHY can't we get addicted to the gym?
Chris x

lynda w said...

It's so hard to get into a fitness routine, but once I get myself going to the gym, I find myself craving it. All it takes is one time of letting yourself off the hook that gets you off track.

My problem now is that I really want to go to my 9am classes at the gym, but just can't work it into my schedule right now. Once things calm down around here and the kids are back in school, I'll be working on getting back on track.

Good luck at your fitness camp. It sounds like an awesome idea!

Jude said...

Hey sister, just checking in to say hallo and see how your weekend is going.

We are having my inlaws (coming together though they've been divorced 15 yrs), sis in law and niece and nephew come down in 2 weeks from Canada. They are staying a whole week so we're trying to get caught up on some projects we've been putting off around the house.
Just tiled the front entrance way.

Dunno why--i don't know if it's the drama at work or if i'm just crazy--but lately I'm starting to lose focus on my reasons for quitting. I have to stay strong but i just wish for once and for all I could be over it. That nicotine, I think it messes with your mind and it's long term.

Still trying to figure out ways to deal with life without cigs. I am seriously again thinking about going to nic anonymous.

Mz Diva said...

Ok Jude, my next post is for you! I was thinking the same thing and then had an experience that made me absolutly remember why I am grateful I no longer smoke! I will post it by tomorrow! I have also been reading VJ Sleigh's blog and it has also addressed a lot of the issues I am dealing with.

VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting said...

Hi Mz Diva, While I didn't gain weight from quitting smoking, I gained weight from my cancer treatment and have been fighting that battle ever since, until this year. After hitting menopause, I had given up hope of ever dropping any weight until I found out about HCG. I ahve dropped 42 pounds and over 20 inches using this protocol. While it is not for everyone, it is rather strict, it worked for me. Check out the message board and email me if I can anwser any questions for you.
VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting, a former smoker, cancer thrivor and Tobacco Treatment Specialist