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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, I have been at Fitcamp for nine days and have been pushed extremely hard physically. I keep thinking that I am going to blog and reflect day on my experience but it does not seem to be working out that way. I think I am going to do more reflection of the experience when I get home and have the time. I really just wanted to check in and give some good recaps to give everyone an idea of my fitness journey.  If you are really bored, curious or a combination of both, feel free to log onto my fellow fitcamper Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low Carb website and check out the video footage.  For entertainment, watch yesterday's episode #13 where we ran parking lot suicides and pushed a mini van!  We had a competition fondly referred to as "The Push Off," with the losers (that would be our team) being required to push the van by themselves! It was pretty intense to say the least! 

Anyway, I have been staying away from the evil cigarettes even though lots of people out here in tobacco country still smoke! I finally figured it out! Say you were going to Broadway to hang out in the Honky Tonks (clubs, bars, etc.) one side of the street is smoking and the other isn't. If you go see a band on the "other" side of the street, smoking is still happening outside which is more normal to me than smoking happening INSIDE the club. I did go to one gay bar to watch Karaoke and was pretty shocked to see people inside the club puffing away! It grossed me out and I really didn't want one at all. I also knew I had to do a GANG of cardio the next day and it would hurt my lungs rather than help them!  Anyway, I have been free from tobacco since November 11, 2008 and have over nine and a half months away from smoking cigarettes! I like what my quitting friend Maggie said in a recent post about "Its much easier to stay on the track than get back on it," or something to that effect. I know that I am one cigarette away from a pack a day if I decide to pick up again and what is so wonderful about this fitness experience is I am learning to look at eating and exercise in the same way. If I eat a healthier diet, and then take one day off to eat what I want, that is pretty reasonable. If I eat horribly and never exercise, its really hard to get into the habit.  As for exercise, I want to incorporate at least four to five hours of cardio a week and some weights. After this experience, that will be a reasonable goal.  Before I got here, not such a reasonable goal.  The only exercise I was getting prior to Fitcamp was typing on the computer and using the remote control to change channels on my TV set.  I am an either or kinda girl and where I am at.....lets just say its an "All' kinda program.

Anyway, here are is the quick version of Trim Up Tuesday.  I am having a hard time figuring out stuff on my new Mac and am pressed for time so I am just going to do it freehand!  Thank you Brandi for the shoutout...I;m kinda lonely and could use some extra motivation! Two weeks is a long time! I really miss Los Angeles and my friends and family.  I am also anxious about going back to work. I should find out what my transfer options are this week so I am going through a lot of changes to say the least.  Change is hard.....necessary, but hard.  I know I will be glad in the long run that I have taken the steps necessary to change my life but for the short term, I am not having so much fun.  It is challenging, but I am not really sure about fun. There are a ton of fun moments but all in all, its as much as a challenge as quitting is.


* I lost ten pounds last week! I was the "Biggest Loser" of week one at Fitcamp! I think a lot of the weight I lost was from my body detoxing from salt, sugar and all processed foods! I was extremely bloated when I got here and my body was retaining  a ton of water.  I felt pretty horrible physically to say the least.

*  I am 63 lbs away from my first goal weight!  We will see how I feel from there.


*  Since I have been here, we work out about four hours a day. We have taken one full day off and one afternoon off.  We do circuit training, weights, cardio, spin-class, treadmills, elliptical machines and other stuff.  If we seem over trained, we cut back. Today we only did an hour cardiio and believe me, it was plenty as we have Iasbeau this afternoon and she will really kick our butts!


* I am currently on a low calorie diet of 1400 calories.  On my free day, I got 2,000 calories to consume. Some days we add additional calories and other days we eat a little less. (about 100)

*  We are eating an organic diet that includes lean protein, carbs that are not processed (stuff like sweet potato's, brown rice, gluton free pasta and lots of veggies and fruits.


* Finish Fitcamp and plan how to incorporate healthy eating into "the real world."

Gotta run, its shower time.



lynda w said...

I read somewhere that someone who exercises regularly is definately more likely to succeed at staying quit. You're definately on the right track!

I bet you'll even find that when you get home, you'll be craving a good workout.

I'll be expecting tips and recipes on healthy eating when you get home. I definately need a refresher course!

Great job, Diva!

Christie O. said...

high five woman!

good for you! i am so inspired by all of your hard work and motivation. when i had some dozens of pounds to lose (i have one dozen left) i went by "decades of numbers". for two or three weeks, I'd concentrate on getting into a new decade of numbers. one decade at a time, very often, one lonely pound at a time. but they added up quickly (though it felt like forever at the time.) just keep consistent! hot for the holidays is right around the corner! i'm so proud of you!! (four hours a day???? oh. my. god.)

Brandie said...

Whew! Congratulations Ms. Biggest Loser! I can't say enough how proud I am of you. Four hours a day is crazy! I feel over accomplished when I get that much in a week. But hey, it's what you're there for, and when you get home, an hour a day will feel like nothing. I'm so excited ... you truely are chaning your entire life, and for the better.

maggie's mind said...

Wow, Diva, that is incredible! What an awesome experience and such a great way to jump start some new habits. I do hope that they will give plenty of help with taking it into the real world where 4 hours of exercise a day would be harder to make fit. I'm sure you will find your balance. For me, so much of it has just been habit, and you are learning some great stuff! Yay, you!

Jude said...

Ten pounds in a week? Wowee!!!
You are on a roll now, awesome job. you should be very proud of yourself