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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Job Interview Today..I am Kinda Nervous!

Hi all,
I just thought I would blog quickly about my upcoming job interview today. As many of you know, I have been looking to leave the school I am teaching at and other schools are FINALLY interviewing and having positions open up due to transfers, retirements and other things. I am SO happy! I got a call for a high school me much closer to my house and it seems like a great position. This will be my first interview and a panel one at that! I am pretty nervous and really want a new job! I spent a lot of hours last night putting together my portfolio and even thought it is not where it should be, it is a start! At least people will get and idea of what I have done. I took the day off as I am really burnt out but I will still go tutor my boys at the group home tonite and tomorrow night. We are out of school on June 20th! I will let you guys know how it goes today and wish me luck!

PS: If anyone can give me some easy blogging tips I would appreciate them. I really want to work on my links on this blog. Some people are gone,some have never been added. I also want to add a section for education links. Anyone out there know of an easy way to attack the blog link issue? I hate to say this but something fun like blogging sometimes seems like WORK to me....I don't know if anyone else feels like that but I want the links changed but don't wanna do it! I guess I am turning into a blogging Diva! LOL


lynda w said...

Good Luck, Diva! You'll do great!

We must get out of school super early, because my kids had their last day on Tuesday. I'm loving it!

maggie's mind said...

Good luck! Closer to home is always welcome, especially with the cost of gas...

Links? For new ones, from the Blogger dashboard, just click on the Layout tab, then Add Page Element, then Links List. There you can title the list (like Education Links) and add each one. For older ones, while on your blog and logged into Blogger, you will see a little icon near the list allowing you to open and edit the links. Hope that helps!

Jude said...

good luck at the job interview! Just charm them the way you do us

MamaFlo said...

So how did the interview go? Inquiring minds want to know!

Be more specific about what you want to do with your blog and someone should be able to help you.......Maggie probably since she's our queen ;)

Mz Diva said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys! I think I did pretty well and have another one on Monday. I will keep ya all posted. I am exausted and am going to bed early before I fall out.
PS: Thanks Jude, your so sweet!

MamaFlo said...
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