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Monday, May 5, 2008

I NEED HELP ON A BIO ASSIGNMENT..7-8 sentences about me!

Hey there all...
I could really use some help. I have been given the assignment to write a short biography of 7-8 sentences to share with other participants, professors and whoever else wants to know about me for the summer fellowship that I will be attending. What the hell can I possibly say in 7-8 sentences.....Diva in Da House of Chantix...Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Stop the foolery...take Chantix? I am kind of at a loss for words about myself today. Yesterday, my car's alternator and my battery went out and I was left with a dead car in the left hand turn lane. It wasn't cheap either! I don't know why I am stressing out on this so much and I know its more like a Public Relations assignment so what exactly should I tell the world about myself? I am supposed to write this brief sketch in the third person too! I figured I would ask you guys to give me a few sentences about myself that I could possibly use. Any observations about me will be gladly accepted. I will be asking my God-Mother tomorrow.


maggie's mind said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Car troubles are the worst because they are so often inconvenient and expensive both.

My sentence for your assignment:

Mz Diva has lots of determination and a whole bunch of care for others who are also determined (or trying to be).

Brandie said...

Just graze the most important topics of your life. Obviously quitting smoking and drug/alcohol abuses are high on the list, because we hear about those topics often. Tie in your qualifications & what you do for a living, and you'll have a great synopsis to tell people. Let us know what you come up with!

MamaFlo said...

Depends on the internship.
Of course your proficiencies, why you wanted to attend the internship, something about your personality and a little about your hobbies/life.
Sum it up with why you are looking forward to the internship.

MamaFlo said...

Just something else not on the topic of your internship at all.......what do you want to know about blogging? I'm certainly not the expert in your group, Maggie and Brandie are way more proficient but I'll tell you about something if I know what you want and I have the insight to give you the information.
Talk about a run on sentence!!

Mz Diva said...

Mamma and whoever else can help:
As for blogging, I want to know how to branch out and find interesting blogs about other topics and things I am interested in. You guys are da bomb but I see there is a whole other blogging world out there besides Chantix. I mean, there is cooking and parenting and being a grandma and a bunch of other stuff. How did you guys find other blogs you wanted to read? I am really interested in history, genelogcal research and a bunch of other stuff

MamaFlo said...

Becoming part of different communities like BLOG CATALOG, and Technorati, and Fuel my Blog and then reading comments and going to that person's site and then going to their readers sites, etc. I always bookmarked interesting sites. What I find I'm really enjoying is getting to know people in Europe and Asia, it's amazing how small the internet makes the world feel. Then I've also started dropping on Entrecard but that takes a good amount of time (which I have plenty of being retired).