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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Last Things I Love About Canada (Finishing 13 Thursday)

10.) People feel free to express themselves and their political beliefs all over the city. This was a "Peace Car" that had messages all over it and even had a running water fountain inside! People just stop and appreciate different messages whether they agree or not!

11.) This close up shot of the car is one of my personal favorites!
12.) Canada has some truly amazing parks that are relaxing and beautiful to hang out in.

13.) What's a Diva without a parade? The gay pride parade in Canada is not just for gay people but everyone is welcomed. Tons of different types of people come out and show support and no one thinks its the least bit strange!

Well, I survived doing my first Thirteen Thursday and I don't think I will do it again for a LONG time unless I can learn an easier way to do this! Blogging can be a lot of work! I feel good that I was at least willing to finish what I had started because I was almost ready to quit! I have the utmost respect for all you who do really creative blogs! It is definitely time consuming.

After going back through these pictures, I cannot wait to go back to Canada. The next spot I want to go to is Eastern Canada particularly Ontario. The underground art, music and film scene is supposed to be mind blowing! I hope anyone who has never been to Canada considers checking it out as its really a beautiful place.


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MamaFlo said...

HOORAY for your First Thursday Thirteen - It was Great Diva!!!
I loved the photos. I've wanted to go to Canada myself and your photos may have just put the icing on the cake - Thank You!