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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still Smoke Free! My Cousin is in Town From San Jose...Doing the Tourist thing!

Hey all...

I just thought I would post really quickly to let you know I am still here and still smoke free! It has been over six months, which is something like 200 days and I have been wanting a cigarette like crazy! I have not smoked one but I think the cravings are a bit stronger because I am almost off the Chantix and my brain chemistry has not completely adapted yet. I have been on Chantix for the full six month dosage and have found myself having more cravings since I am pretty much off of it. Oh well, sometimes in this lifetime I will get a feeling that a cigarette sounds like a good idea and I will just have to abstain and then the feeling will pass. One thing that I do know is deep in my heart, I know I do not want to be a smoker. I hate being addicted and a slave to big tobacco. My friends and relatives are still really shocked that I have remained steadfast in my resolve to stay quit.

I have been super busy doing the tourist thing this weekend. My cousin that I have not seen for probably 15 years came into town to visit me and it has been weird to say the least. Today we went to Hollywood and I took her to see the Hollywood sign and to the Grumman's Chinese Theater and a bunch of other places. We went to a club last night and there were a bunch of people smoking and sometimes smelling it and seeing it look somewhat acceptable does pull at me. Last night a lot of people were there drinking away and since part of the club is outdoors, there was smoking. I thought I would include this photo of the club that I was at. The Abby is my favorite club in West Hollywood. It is a really cool club and cafe that is mostly gay but has an eclectic mix of clientele. There are straight couples out on dates, gay guys hanging out with straight women and the age range varies from really young to an older crew. I felt like it was a good place to take my cousin because she likes to see all of the different cultures of Los Angeles. There are lots of interesting people at the Abby and the decor is off the chain! I included a photo of the rod iron fireplace that uses glass instead of wood. There was a HUGE celebration party because the gay marriage ban was overturned here in California and it is the beginning of Gay Pride. My cousin thought the place was amazing!

Well, I am not sure what the schedule holds for tomorrow but I am exausted. Being a host for out of town visitors can be draining because you want to make sure they have a good time so you push yourself to do a lot of things. I hope to get lots of rest tomorrow. Hope everyone is well.



maggie's mind said...

I still have moments, too, when I miss smoking, but we've both been through the toughest parts already, so it only makes sense to keep going.

Sounds like much fun with your cousin, and I'm glad to hear you got to be in the mix of the celebration, too. I remain baffled by those who object.

You asked on my blog about the Stuffed Tomato picture, and if you click on the name, it will take you right to the recipe. I do that with any recipe I mention. The short answer is that it is stuffed with cottage cheese, but there's lots more yummy stuff, too!

Have fun with your cousin!

Stan said...

Heeey, Diva, are we living in the same town? I go to the Abbey, too! haha

MamaFlo said...

Isn't it fun to do the tourist thing once in awhile? I find that there are many tourist traps here that I never go to unless there are out of town people around and then because it's been so long, it's new to me too.

I'm thrilled you are still quit and I have no doubt that you will stay that way - you've been to hell and back with addictions and beat them all.