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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Baby Yoda.....She was smaller than my shoes when I got her!

My princess in the sunlight! This cat loves hanging out near the sunshine and eating! She is currently on diet food from the vet as she has an eating disorder and does not know when to stop! Most people feel the need to tell me she is fat! (Like I can't tell!)

Since everyone posts all kinds of pictures from grand kids to pets and even various nature shots; I thought I would do the same and post some pictures of my beautiful baby girl Yoda! I was feeling kind of left out! Yoda is a Siamese cat who thinks she is a princess! She likes to eat and lay in the sunshine. She is a tad bit overweight right now and is on a special diet so she can be healthier! I will be joining her shortly! I am working on improving my eating habits before I go on a full on diet. Anyway, she is the first girl cat I have ever owned. (I still think boy cats are so much sweeter than girls but I had a female dog who hated male animals when I got her so I decided to get a girl kitty.) I love Siamese cats...they are true Diva's but they are like dogs in many ways! They are one person kind of cats and are really loyal when they love their humans! She is nine years old and I adore her!


maggie's mind said...

So adorable! Siamese kitties are wonderful, aren't they? I've never had one, but we cared for one once until finding a home that met my standards, and she was a sweetie pie. I have a fat girl kitty, too, but with the others it became very difficult to feed her the diet food in small portions and led to new issues. Hopefully we'll come up with a solution... Anyway, Miss Yoda is so cute, and I'm glad you have a pet to love. Pet people rock!

Mz Diva said...

Maggie, I took her off the food she was eating and put her on pet food you can only get through the vet. When she was on the store bought low-fat food, she was still fat and cried all the time. The vet told me it can cause problems for the animal at an older age to restrict their food too much so now she is on a special diet that she can eat as much as she wants! She is much happier because she can still eat a lot and she is starting to lose weight! I will post some pics as we are scheduled to go for a weigh in at the end of the month! She needs to lose 4 lbs to be in better health. I hope you find a solution to your cats weight issue. Your right...pet people rock!

maggie's mind said...

I'll have to ask my vet about food that you can still free feed. What I had was from the vet and very expensive, but it still had to be given in exact amounts, so I had to feed her separately. Glad to hear it's working!

You asked about how I get my pictures to lay out as they do, and it's basically a pain in the ass using html tables that still don't always come out right in Blogger. Anyway, the short answer is html and lots of patience. Not sure if that helps. You are always welcome to message me on myspace or email me at maggies dot mind at yahoo dot com.

Brandie said...

Hey Diva. Such a cute cat! Hey, did you know she's fat? (joking)

Thanks for stopping by my blog to check on me, it means a lot. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things now.

MamaFlo said...

Siamese cats are so beautiful and these are very fat :)!

Stan said...

Adorable!!! I also love Siamese cats! But then I also love tabbies, and no-breed cats and just all kinds of animals. :) Please take some more pictures! :)