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Thursday, June 12, 2008

13 States I have Visited (Part Two Thirteen Thursday)

8.) Philly, Penn: I I was in Philly a couple of years ago to learn all about our founding fathers...I like to fondly refer to them like my students do, " Those dead white dudes who wore white wigs, only bathed on average once a month but had some really good plans on how to be rebels!" I love Ben Franklin.....he thinking was way out of the box before people could really see how brilliant he was. He was one of the first people who thought bathing frequently would help fight disease.
9.) New York I used to go to New York all the time! I have not been there since they cleaned up Times Square which was probably ten years ago. I used to go to New York City and Queens and some other spots with a friend of mine who was an exotic dancer. I remember when Times Square was nothing but strip clubs! My friend knew how much I loved it there and she used to book her tours so I got to go during every season....winter, spring, summer and fall. I knew a ton of people who had either moved there or were local to the area so I had quite a few ties and tons of people to visit. I have some of my best memories there and LOVED the idea that the clubs pretty much stayed open 2-4-7. The great DJ's and nightlife of this city was what made me want to be a DJ.

10.) Connecticut: I was in a little town called Milford once and its supposed to be one of the most amazing and affordable suburbs on the east coast. It was really pictorial.

11.) Maryland: II love Baltimore! The crabcakes and soft shell crab sandwiches are the bomb! I also love that it is the hometown of John Waters and the most famous drag queen ever Divine! For those of you who do not know about Divine, John Travolta reprised his role in the new version of the film Hairspray.

12.) Minnesota My mom's family lived in a small mining town called Hibbing. Lets see, there was one bowling alley, one high school and most women didn't sit around in bars drinking and smoking cigarettes which is EXACTLY where I headed to when got a second to get away from my family. Being the alcoholic I was, when I realized I was stuck in that one horse town for two weeks, I was like damn! Every time I snuck off to the bar I couldn't figure out why me and my sister were pretty much the only women there. I knew the guys looked more like truck drivers than gay guys so I asked the bartender why the bars had mostly men in them. The bartender informed me that , "women stayed home with their children." I was like damn, Dorthy, your not in Kansas anymore! No wonder my mom moved to Los Angeles as soon as she got the chance!

13.) Utah: Lets just say that Park City and Ogden Utah are big ski places but some people really should not be left to their own devises while wearing skis. I am one of those people! I do not get how and why people are so excited about this hobby.

I will be adding Massattutes to my list of states visited this summer! I am super excited to be going to see Cape Cod and Boston and Cambridge. Well, this has been fun. I won't be doing another Thursday Thirteen for awhile.


Fierce Diva


MamaFlo said...

Look at you Diva!! Seriously, I'm impressed as you get into this blogging stuff.

Mz Diva said...

Thanks Mama. I messed up on the last three states. In my HTML coding it is written like a link but I could't find out where to fix it. Oh well, I am back on the smoking subject!

Jude said...

That soft shell crab sandwich looks so good.

I was just talking about Divine the other day!! Was 'Lust in the Dust' not the worst movie you've ever seen? Except 'Polyester.' They are sooo bad you have to watch them over and over.
Does John Travolta play the mom and the shop keeper in new hairspray?

If I knew anything about google blogs I'd switch over from myspace...but ya can't teach old dog new tricks

Chris said...

Just been reading your blog - mostly the earlier days ones. I'm struggling on Day 10 of Chantix - supposed to be my quit day, but it hasn't happened yet. Here's hoping for tomorrow.

Interesting that you're in Recovery - me too - 17 years. God, I thought that was hard ... but this ....!!!

Also just read about your mum - same age as me now when she died - that was scary.

Can I link to you?


Mz Diva said...

Chris, for sure link to me! I love having new Chantix buddies! Keep up the fight...it was REALLY hard for me to actually quit in the beginning and had quite a few setbacks.

Jude, Yep, John Travolota is the Mom in the new Hairspray. I like Blogger WAY better than Myspace. I can't access MYSPACE from the blocked server at my work so I decided to do it through blogspace. Its all template driven and less HTML coding. I love the food on the east coast! I can't wait to go in two weeks!