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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ok, this is gonna be a super quick post! Even though it is my birthday, I have a whole classroom full of stuff to pack up! I worked on it a lot yesterday and will be packing all day today! Lets hope I can get it out by tomorrow! What fun, what fun! I am going to try to go take a cake for my 21st birthday tonite but if I can't, I will do it next week! I only I have two more days until I leave for Boston so I need to get finished with everything and quickly!

Thursday, I went to my stop smoking class and spoke and answered questions about my quit and Chantix. I told them that blogging was helpful too! The people there were super shocked and amazed that I had been off cigarettes for over seven months and I told them that they could do it, one day at a time. I also told them what worked for me: support system, fake cig, etc. and it felt good. My instructor is also a beginning DJ so we talked about music and some other stuff. It was nice to go back and remember how hard it is to put together a few days! I feel super grateful. Time to go, I have TONS of work to get done.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Diva.

21st - Wow, that's special.

Chris x

MamaFlo said...


I hope this coming year is even better than the last - you deserve that!

maggie's mind said...

Yay, Diva! Congrats on 21 clean and sober.