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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Miss Everyone Hitting Me Up With Comments...Let Me Know Your Still With Me!

OK, another dirty little secret, I miss you guys hitting me up with comments about my blog posts. Perhaps I am feeling needy today but I am starting to feel like an only child! For all you lurkers and readers, it would be nice if you could say hi and let me know that your still reading my posts and what is on your mind. I hate to admit it but even though I have 200 days under my belt, I still need support! Maybe I am just feeling alone today. Better yet, Maybe I should let people ask me random questions like Maggie did a few months ago. Just to let you all know that I am not nuts, I have wanted to smoke this past week so I guess I just need some additional support. I hope everyone is still smoke free and committed to staying away from the NicoDemon! Some days it is definitely easier than others.


maggie's mind said...

I'm still here! Hang in there, Diva. You are doing fine. There are stretches like that, but you will come through the other side. If it gets tough, be sure to visit some of us to let us know so we can re-encourage you. :)

Stan said...

Guurrl, I'm still reading! Don't you worry! And don't you even dare to think of smoking! I'm with you! I can't wait to celebrate your year with you! Keep on blogging about what's going on with you!!

Mz Diva said...

Thanks for posting you guys...it really helps! I have been completly off Chantix for about five days. I still have a whole bottle stashed just in case. Having the Chantix completely leave my system could be why I am so emotional. That and life stressors, ya know?

Jude said...

Hey girlie..I am still here all the time for you!!. I am even sneaking a peak at your page @ work (hey I don't take breaks hardly at all anymore, so I figure this is ok.)

I was ok at first after going off chantix...then i was not doing so hot. I actually went to see a therapist last wednesday. she didn't tell me anything i didnt' already know, that i'm sad for the loss of my puppy and the loss of smoking.

So doggone it woman, this should get easier by now. Sometimes I feel like I am living in black & white when I used to live in color. But this far into it, I can't go back. You can't either! We can get through it together and smell yummy along the way.

I keep saying it, but I wish this would be over already!

MamaFlo said...

Hey Girlfriend, I'm still here too!!
I'm just having a rough time periodically with the colors you use - my gosh girl!!!!
The old woman in me doesn't do the psychedelic drugs anymore :):) LOL

Mz Diva said...

I never thought my page came off as an acid trip! I am a rainbow kinda girl! What color is ok for you guys? I personally like the blues.

Jude said...

Well for me , any kind of muted colors, else I have to minimize the screen at work everytime I *think* someone is walking behind me down the row.
Though other than that, I do think they are are lovely colors.

MamaFlo said...

Diva, I didn't know where else to email you so I decided to answer some of the questions you've asked.....
EC stands for Entrecard which is a social networking site. You have a EC Advert (Advertising widget kind of thing - mine is my bird avatar) and you "drop" your card onto other blogs. You are also able to earn credits so that you can "buy" a space on someone else's blog to advertise your blog.
If you go to Entrecard's site they will explain everything to you. I like EC alot and I have made many new friends. If you ask me a specific question, I'll always do my best to explain to you.

ChantixTiff said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my page... I don't know you, but I'm here for you! Congrats on being smoke free for over 200 days- that is an amazing accomplishment! I hope I am as successful as you.
Congrats :)