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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life List...the Thinking Positive of it All!

Ok, I have been in a HUGE funk today....I have sat on the computer all day and have not gotten out of bed! At least I finished up my newest life list.

Ellen DeGeneres came up with her life list and has encouraged her viewers to come up with their own list. I also read the life list of this really inspiring individual named John Baker who is trying to lose half of his body weigh. I am a teacher and decided to do this with my students at the beginning of the year. I believe in “Dreaming Big” and have been fortunate to have achieved many of the goals that I have set for myself so far. This is another chapter in the adventure called life. A lot of these things were on the original list I did with my students and some are new goals I have set. I made huge gains in some like the cleaning up debt and quitting smoking! I am going to start crossing them off as they happen!

My Life List:

***Most important: Declutter enviornment, especially paperwork! Get a filing cabinet and organize work area.
1.) Clean up all my debt by the next year. Watching the Suze Orman show and reading her books has made this goal a real possibility! (I plan to pay off everything except my student loan which should be paid off by the government because I teach at-risk youth.)
2.) Maintain an emergency fund of six months salary in savings by opening up a Roth IRA like financial guru Suze Orman suggests. Suze, you rock!
3.) Get my Master's Degree and possibly my Doctorate degree
4.) Attend classes at Harvard University
5.) Meet the most beautiful girl in the world (to me) and fall madly in love for the last time, hopefully with the RIGHT person!
6.) Celebrate being off cigarettes for a year (11/11/2009)
7.) Be at goal weight within six months to a year. (January 2009 to July 2009)
8.) Learn to love working out again.
9.) Reformat my blog and continue to reach out to others to be “quitters” of whatever is keeping them down: smoking cigarettes, using drugs, alcohol, overeating.
10.) Do something career wise that will make the world a better place and touch people’s lives.
11.) Swim with dolphins
12.) Go on a cruise
13.) Sky dive—I have had this goal since I was a little kid and saw pictures of my dad jumping out of military planes. Hell, I don't even like the military.
14.) Compete in a triathlon!
15.) Participate in walkathons and other fundraisers for charity
16.) Get a portrait tattoo of my dad in his military fatigues done by tattoo artist Kat Von D. I am a tattoo virgin and almost got some real crap in my life…thank God they sent me home to sleep it off.
17.) Own my own house
18.) Go to Italy and Paris
19.) Ride in a hot air balloon with a hot date.
20. Learn to be a good cook…actually my cooking isn’t too shabby what I should really say is take the time to cook healthy meals.
21. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
22. Learn how to scuba dive and do it in the Caribbean
23. Always strive to be a better human being
24. Forgive and forget, even the stuff I say I can’t.
25. Attend the Burning Man Art Festival, (I need to camp in an RV though, not a tent! I am WAYYYYYY too much of a Diva for camp tenting in the elements of the Black Rock Desert!)
26. Become involved in some type of martial arts class
27. Drive a race car
28. Be open to all of life’s possibilities and never forget where I came from.
29.) Start fooling around with music again…either take an African Drumming class or do some DJ stuff.
30. Finish the editing of my oral history interview video I am doing by the end of the month.

Ok, that’s all for now! I have been in a really weird mood today so at least I am taking contrary action to how I am feeling and thinking POSITIVE! Besides, my motto is never give yourself longer than two days to feel sorry for yourself about any one thing! I am currently on day two so I will need to be over it by tomorrow! Those are the rules!



maggie's mind said...

Very awesome, and it is good to have a list. I have one, too, and even if I don't accomplish everything on it, it's good to keep in mind some of the things I want to accomplish. For fun, I added some things I'd already done and crossed them out because some of them count, too (well, if we are doing Maggie Math, anyway).

Hope your funk is lifting!

Brandie said...

Sorry to hear you've been in a rut recently, but so glad to hear that you're NOT smoking through it and that you're pulling yourself through. I can't think of a better way to do this than the list you wrote. I should do a list for myself, too, but haven't. Hmmm.... if I do one I'll post it and let you know. Thanks so much for sharing!

MamaFlo said...

What an awesome list!!!
Seriously Diva, that's aggressive but it's diverse enough to make life interesting if not downright fun.

Tina-cious.com said...

where you gonna be in Mass.?

Anonymous said...

Dr Taylor teaches us how to attain deep inner peace - easily, simply, without drugs, anytime we want it. Forgive me for doing everything I can to be sure everyone reads this book and sees this video, but I think all of us benefit and in the larger sense, if everyone reads this, our world will benefit in a very large way.

Mz Diva said...

If the book is so good, why be anonymous about who you are and what it is? Besides, who the HELL is Dr. Taylor?

Jude said...

lol, what is that message from anonymous?
Great list!
Only things I have right now is to
--keep working out
--don't smoke
--try to eat somewhat healthy
--wear sunscreen