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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feeling Better...Perhaps its the Decluttering! The Party Has Started!

Well, I gave myself two days to feel sorry for myself about the stuff that's going on in my life and then started the decluttering process! I get super overwhelmed at clutter but I was raised by packrats and have become a packrat myself! My God sister came over and we started getting rid of stuff.....and I mean LOTS of stuff! I posted a life list recently and the biggest thing on that list is getting rid of stuff...stuff that I have had since my parents died that I could not bear to part with as well as tons of books and papers that I have held onto since graduating from college in 1995. For being as intelligent and hard working as I am, clutter and organizing OVERWHELMS me to the point that I just can't deal with it. Sometimes it is better to call in an expert!

I would love to say I got everything done but I have a garage full of crap that needs to be organized! I made a huge dent in the madness and had a couple moments where I had to pretend that Niecy Nash and the Clean House Crew were there to make me take a grown up pill....For those of you who don't know about Style Network's show "Clean House" it is hosted by Niecy Nash who is known for her signature flower behind the ear, and is much like oldskool Diva Lola Falana. "I first began to appreciate Niecy's clever comments on the show "Clean House". Niecy reminds me of every drag queen I ever hung out with. Straight up, to the point and with a flair for the dramatic! "When Niecy and her team enter the home owners cluttered, filthy home she uses terms like "foolishness" and "mayhem" to describe the conditions in which these people live. I love it! She tells them straight up that its foolishness to live like that. And who uses the word mayhem anymore? I really love it!" Watching this show made me realize how much of an intervention I needed to save me from my own personal clutter and foolishness. Well, its time to change and it started yesterday. I am officially "in the process" and hopefully everything will be done by the end of summer.
The part in parenthesis is a description that I stole from another cool blog "Tales of a Sissy" so I thought I would give credit to him and the link. I mean, plagiarism is a bad thing! At least that's what I tell my students! http://talesofthesissy.blogspot.com/2008_01_01_archive.html
Anyway, declutting was very exhausting and emotionally draining process. When I told my God sister I wanted to keep a couple of things that were questionable, she just glared at me until I threw them out. My mom was a miniature collector and had this dollhouse that was HUGE and dilapidated. I hoped to give it to someone who could restore it to its former 1970's glory but getting rid of it was what needed to be done. I mean, if I was going to give it away, I would have done it 20 years ago. Its really easy to stay in denial without a reality check!

I am off to a WNBA Sparks basketball game tonite. I am taking some newly sober girls from a drug rehab out on an outing. My friend recruited me to help the girls see that you can have fun in sobriety. I have not been much fun the last couple of days so I will put my "fun" face on and hopefully they will have a good time! I know I will have a good time, we all have free VIP tickets!


maggie's mind said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. It just takes a couple days and a little action sometimes to be almost like new. :)

Chris said...

Oh Diva, you did better than me. I only managed a little bit of decluttering so far.

I hope you have a fantastic time with the girls from the rehab. I work in the drug/alcohol field here in London and love to see and hear of people getting well. Hope you post about it!

I've still got loads of your old stuff to read, and am looking forward to taking time to read through it all. But for now, best get back to work .... :-)


Mz Diva said...

Ok, tomorrow decluttering part two goes into effect!
What are the drug/alcohol programs like in London Chris?