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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day one Smoke and Nicotine Free...day nine Chantix

Today is day one of my quit day. November 11, 2007!
I have had quite a few cravings throughout the day but nothing too traumatic. Mostly I just think I was bored. I went out last night and smoked my last cigarette in a club. I thought about if I really wanted to do it or not and decided that I would smoke that final cigarette. I could have fought off the craving but I figured I could still smoke so why not? I I know, I was making excuses for myself but truthfully, when I was smoking I kept thinking about how smoking that cigarette wasn't really bad or really good. I was kind of like nothing. Maybe that is the medication blocking the nicotine receptors, maybe not. I just didn't feel bad or good. Lets just put it like this, there was no "Ahhhhhh" feeling that I would usually get from lighting up. Since I didn't get that feeling I had to think about why I REALLY lit up. I have come to the following conclusions:
I was at a bar and I was smoking a cigarette to: 1.) to feel more comfortable 2.) as a time killer...it was kind of boring there especially since I don't drink.3.) A bonding experience...I went out on the patio with another friend who is in the process of trying to quit also. We both bummed one and hence the bonding experience/peer pressure thing. 4.) To have the "last one" and realize I wasn't really giving all that much up...

After I was done, I realized that the smoking patio STUNK and I did not missing smelling like an ashtray. I will let you guys know how I am doing. I am glad I decided to do this blog. If anyone is reading this, please link to my blog. I can use all of the support I can possibly get since it is day one. Also, what have you guys used for the gas and how long did it last? (if you got that side effect) That seems to be the only side effect I am encountering. Anyway, I must remember, I am one cigarette away from being a pack a day smoker.


maggie's mind said...

Congrats on your first day! That is awesome. I will add you to my list of links next time I post. You are doing great, so just keep going!

Tasina said...

Great job on day one! You will be completely shocked and happy at how quickly these days add up for you.

Chris said...

Congratulations on your first of many days!