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Monday, November 12, 2007


Hello Fellow Bloggers/Quitters:
Its day two smoking and nicotine free and I am still committed to my decision to be a non-smoker. I must say that I am noticing total lack of energy. Fortunately, I weaned down and kicked a lot of the nicotine before starting Chantix but this weekend I have really felt unmotivated due to lack of energy. I think that the nicotine is leaving my body and I physically don't like it! Fortunately, it was a long weekend so I had an extra day without having to be at work to get used to how I am feeling. I have pretty much slept it away. I am trying to to beat myself up over it as I have a lot of things to do like grade papers, work on a project, wash my car etc. I have been completely physically drained the last few days so hopefully I slept through the worst of it. When I got up I logged onto the "GETQUIT "support page and read a few blogs. I have noticed that seeking out other people who are going through this is definitely helping. Its kind of like an Internet AA meeting. I laughed my ass off at Maggie's blog about all the things smokers do to inhale their poison because just for a moment I was reminded of the true insanity of the habit and that when I start thinking I can just "smoke one or two" I end up back to a pack a day.
Anyway, I am going to go to the mall because I need to get out of the house and run some errands. I need to get out of this house and I can't smoke at the mall! I will probably post later.


maggie's mind said...

You are doing great, and eventually you may even feel like you have more energy like I did.

Tasina said...

Retail therapy!!! I approve. The energy does pick back up. Try to replace your lost nicotine energy with something else - piece of fruit, brisk walk (through a mall - even better), glass of water, etc.

Sounds like you're doing great!

Tabatha said...

Congrats to you on quitting. Yes I had the blahs for awhile and am feeling better.
Maggie is truely an inspiration for us all she is great and never fails to leave comments and it very encouraging. I am glad we found each other.
I hope you had a good time shopping and it kept your mind off smoking!! Keep up the great work!!!

Mz Diva said...

Hi all:
Getting out of the house was definetly necessary. I have been in all day Sunday and most of today watching bad reality tv shows. I admit it, I am a reality TV show junkie! Iwas about ready to go nuts so I figured I would get some exercise by walking around the mall. I have had stomach problems for the last couple days including today. I don't know if it is the Chantix or just nerves. I tend to get stomach problems when I am nervous or anxious so who knows what it is...
I was looking back at old posts from you three to see if anyone had similar side effects. I felt like I have been kicking heroin for the last couple days. I have had bad stomach cramping, gas and anxiety. At least I got the really bad stuff out when I was on the patch for a month. I sweated like crazy for the first couple of weeks on the patch so I know that those other 300 or so other chemicals were leaving my system. I think I'm sick because of the nicotine leaving my system. This is only the second day with no nicotine replacement. I will just be glad to go to work tomorrow so I will be distracted by all my needy high school kids problems.
Everyone is an inspiration to me latley...all the people who have quit and stayed quit, all the people who have documentated their stories for people like me who are just starting the journey. Just think one day after I go through the whole process, I can be there for someone else. I have learned you have to give it away to keep it!
Anyway, this week or next I want to set up my blog with links and maybe even add a pic or two to the myspace page I have had for four years and have never done anything with. I hope everyone is feeling better than me. I am sure this is temporary.