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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Its Day Seven....I think I am Starting to Feel Better!

For anyone who is like me and reading up on Chantix before taking the plunge, I just wanted to say everyone's experiences are different. I remember back to when I was reading other people's experiences and kept reading about people's crazy vivid dreams! I really like crazy vivid dreams and would have LOVED to have that side effect! Unfortunately, I have only had one vivid dream that I can remember since being on this stuff for fourteen days. I have had some other side effects that I wasn't so thrilled with: gas, bloating and headaches. I have noticed that these symptoms have gotten a lot better the last couple of days, so I just think its normal withdrawal stuff. As much as I don't like feeling bad, I expected it. Any time I have gone through any type of withdrawal, I had to feel really bad before I felt good. I just keep reminding myself it has only been seven days completely off cigarettes and nicotine replacement products. I have been on Chantix for a total of 14 days. Now that I have been physically feeling better I feel more tired. I also tend to me more moodly and on edge that usual but I just think I am just not used to dealing with my emotions especially after stuffing them by smoking. Cigarettes really are amazing mood regulators! I could be in the most pissed off place, step back from the situation and smoke a cigarette and feel fine! I am finally realizing that I will have to learn to deal with emotions without the use of nicotine. Anyway, I just woke up from and nap and I have to get ready to go out. I am going to my usual AA meeting that I have avoided since I started this journey. Tonite I feel like I can go and I trust myself to not to bum cigarettes from the smokers I do know. I will post abouy how it goes.
Peace, Diva

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maggie said...

It's true that we are all different, and our bodies react differently. I had the dreams for awhile, but they didn't last. I do hope the other side effects to improve, and I still recommend keeping an eye on them, especially things like headaches, if they continue. Good luck!