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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am pissed! I wrote a long blog and lost it!

Hi all...Happy Smoke Out Day...I have been off cigarettes and nicotine replacement for four days!

I wrote a really long blog and have no idea where it went to. I was editing it and it seems to have disappeared! This Blogger site lies! It says it saves drafts automatically but like I said, I am not really sure were my long, well thought out post went so I will post the condensed version of what I wrote before I leave for my meeting.

I have felt awful for the last two days. I have had bad headaches, a bad attitude and to make matters worse I threw my back out! I thought about smoking after I went to my chiropractor and decided I did not want to go into my Stop Smoking program smelling like an ashtray. I was so annoyed and in pain I went to sleep. How's that for delay? That was as good as it got yesterday. When I woke up, I went to my Quit Smoking class at Kaiser. I told the people in the class that blogging was a really helpful outlet and it was nice to read other people's inspiration. If anyone from the Kaiser Stop Program found me, hi. I did not know if I gave out the correct address for this blog yesterday as I just started it.

Anyway, I need to get to this meeting. Wishing everyone a SMOKE FREE smoke out.


maggie said...

Just keep plugging through, and you will make it. If the side effects seem to be an issue, please do talk to your doctor.

About the lost post, did you try looking for it under "Dashboard" then "Posts" for your blog? You may find it there as a draft. Blogger saves reliably for me all the time.

Tasina said...

I'm glad you're taking advantage of all the support programs available to you. I think you'll find that it's a HUGE help. Please to see your doctor about the side effects if they continue to be so bad.

banana said...

I have a BIG question for you. I am also a Kaiser member. My Doctor said to take the classes. I am 25 and MUST stop smoking since I will be a doctor soon. I am moving and I need to stop smoking. When I talked to my doctor, he said that he does not want for me to use Chantix because he doesnt know much about it! he recomended the classes because they give out the patch for free! I want to use the non-nicotine route. After emailing my doctor several times with info from research, he still did not want to write a RX for it. I need to stop smoking and i'm wondering if you were able to get Chantix from the class or your doctor. its really making me mad that a DOCTOR doesnt want to do his/her research to help people!! doctors are getting lazy, and education is not something that stops after you get out of school! (sorry i am mad at him)..:)

Mz Diva said...

Dear Banana,
I could not write you a letter directly so I figured out that I would just post here. I belong to Kaiser and it was MANDATED that I try the patch/Wellbutrian before I could go on Chantix. I had been on the patch about five times and on Welbutrian once. (I had a REALLY bad reaction to say the least.) I had really good results from Chantix. I saw my doc the other day and he told me he was glad I was still off cigarettes. I guess there have been TONS of people who have had depression and suicidal thoughts. Perhaps thats why your doctor won't prescribe Chantix to you. You are going to have to try another method and then if it fails, you should be eligiable for Chantix. If you need any more information, let me know. Good luck.