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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My drop dead quit date...

Hi all and thanks so much for the support:

Today is my first day off the patch and only on Chantix. It is day eight on Chantix and today was the first day on the blue pills. I have decided that my quit date is going to be 11/11/07 which is tomorrow. I am going out to dinner and a club tonite to celebrate a friends birthday and I will see what happens. I doubt I will smoke but I have no idea how I will be feeling so I am just leaving it open. I will use all of the strategies that I have learned but since tomorrow is my official quit day, I may just decide to smoke one final one to say goodbye. I know that sounds crazy, even to myself but it really is like ending a thirty year relationship. My relationship with cigarettes is a BAD and ADDICTIVE one no doubt but its been one of the longest and most consistant relationships of my lives! That is a pretty sad statement all in itself.

In the last five weeks, I have learned how to avoid smokers and smoking and have navigated through lots of cigarettes by using the strategies given in both my stop smoking program and on the Chantix site. I find the delay strategy and not putting myself around smokers to be the best at this point in my quit. Its a weird feeling to either be totally disgusted by the smell of smoke or want to accost random people on the street and practically take their cigarettes when I see them smoking. For me it is a combination of the two right now. I can't wait until the day I am grossed out ALL of the time. I have not been in a club or really smokey environment since going to the West Hollywood Costume Carnival on Halloween. I did not smoke that day or evening as the smoke smell was disgusting to me. The next day in the evening, I bummed a cigarette from my sister and have not had only one other one since that day. If I would have simply have waited through the craving or not had allowed my curiosity to get the best of me...how was it going to taste, would I still get that rush etc. I could probably have avoided those two also.

I really liked it when Tanisa said that there is tons of support available from all the random people I used to bond with outside at the ashtray. I never really thought about the social aspects but there are a lot of them. That will be another post for another time. Thanks for reading and I have a feeling I will be posting quite a bit.



Tasina said...

Best of luck with your quit day tomorrow. We're all out here rooting for you!! If you need some help make sure to ask!! You CAN do it!

bob m said...

I have been using Chantix since 10/07/2007 and smoke-free since 10/11/2007. It's a daily struggle that I'm winning thanks to Chantix. I wish you lots of luck, and encourage you to connect with those of us blogging about our quits - it's really helped me through a few times when I almost slipped up. Good luck, Diva!

Mz Diva said...

Hi there Bob and Tasina:
Today is my actual quit day! I have chilled all day and watched tons of episodes of "America's Next Top Modlel" I went out last night and only smoked one cigarett mostly just because I knew I could before my set quit day is today. The cigarette I smoked wasn't really bad and it wasn't really good. It was just a cigarette and fortunatly didn't need to smoke another one! Thank you Chantix!! I look forward to having 11/11/07 as my quit date. The number 11 is significant for me so that is why I decided on that date.

Anyway, I actually could use some help. If Everyone could link my blog to theirs, that would be fantasic! Also, I will go and read some of your guys' success after I take shower! I really want a cigarette and know I need to delay until the craving passes. The cravings are nothing compared to what they are like not being on Chantix.
Anyway, I am going to log onto the Chantix stay quit site and get in the shower.

Quit smoking said...

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