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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Was Out of Town and did not smoke...

I have not posted because it was a long weekend and I decided to go out and have some fun. I actually had to call in sick because I had too much fun. I went to Roserito Beach in Mexico and also to the Pachanga Casino near San Diego. I cannot believe I went to the casino and to Mexico and did not smoke! Amazing!

Three friends and I went to go to the beach in Mexico to eat lobster. We got fifteen 1/2 tails which would be a little over 7 lobsters, the squid appetizer...I forgot the name....oh yeah, calamari; soup, and chips with fresh salsa and guacamole. The dinner also came with all the rice, beans and homemade tortillas you could eat. We also got 4 margaritas (mine was virgin) and 4 shots of tequila. (I skipped that too.) The meal came to $45.00 with everything! The lobster was pretty amazing. I was with my ex and to not want to smoke was a miracle!

The bigger surprise was going to the casino and being able to gamble and not smoke since they usually go hand in hand. Don't get me wrong, I got plenty of second-hand smoke but did not light up. At one point I thought about bumming one just because it seemed like a good idea, but I was sitting next to someone who was smoking enough for three people and somehow I just lost the urge. Go figure! I am not complaining believe me! It was a great relaxing weekend and I realized that I can have fun and not smoke cigarettes. I think that that I had a bad reaction from the second hand smoke at the casino. I seem to be having problems with my athsma and I have not had to use an athsma pump in a really long time.


maggie said...

Wow, good for you! I'm glad you had such a great time!

I'm still not ready for smoky situations. In fact, even my annual Reno trip in February is looking less and less likely because I once ended a several month quit in a casino and don't feel strong enough just yet. Maybe by then I will. We'll see. One major difference is probably the alcohol, though, for me, combined with the atmosphere.

Still, I'm thrilled for you making it all smoke-free and having fun!!

Mz Diva said...

I was really surprised that I made it! I actually gave myself permission to bum one if I really needed to. I know that sounds weak but I figured if I smoked I wasn't going to beat myself up considering I really wanted to gamble! Fortunatly, I did not have the desire to smoke and actually the smoke gave me a headache! My clothes stunk and I really was not feeling like I was missing anything. (That in itself is a miracle!) For me, gambling and smoking cigarettes go hand in hand. Now I see I can do things and not have to smoke to do it. I need to call my doctor to discuss the gastrointestinal issues that I am still having. It went away for a few days and now it is back with a vengence! I hope you get to go on your trip. Actually, Mexico was better than the casino.