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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and I finally had a vivid Chantix Dream

Hey there fellow quitters!

Thanksgiving was great...I ate lots of good food and did not smoke a cigarette afterwards. I am so used to going into the garage to smoke and kick it with people at my cousins house....it was different but fine.

I FINALLY had a Chanitx dream! I have been dying to have a really intense dream as a side effect but I seemed to get is stomach distress! I did get a couple of compliments about my skin since I quit smoking and people have mentioned that I also lost weight. (Again, stomach distress and eating ice cream when I am lactoise intolerant) Back to the dream....I have been talking about wanting a tattoo which is kind of odd considering I have never gotten one and most of my friends and a lot of people in my family have tattoos. I really love tattoos but on other people not on me. I remember my uncle wearing long sleeves in the heat to cover a huge black panther but seeing someone try to practice tattooing was what really did me in. When I was younger I had a boyfriend who was practicing to be a tattoo artist. I watched him do some horrible work while he was in his practice mode. He used to offer to give me a tattoo and I was like, "No thanks...I'm only sixteen and my dad will kill me!" Even at my most stoned, I could not imagine walking around with something on my body that I wouldn't want to put up on a wall.

A few years later, I stumbled into a shop on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and they were like, "Honey, you need to go home and get some rest." Tattoos and alcohol do not mix!" They guy added," One day you will thank me for this!" Actually I do because I was picking out a skulls head that I wanted on my arm! Go figure! It may have been a cool design at eighteen when I was into the whole goth and rock n' roll music thing but at forty I don't really think so!

I have been thinking that I want a portrait tattoo of my dad on my shoulder. I have some great pics of my dad and I miss him a lot since he passed away. I have been watching LA INK and I love Kat Von D's work. (Actually I am a reality tv show junkie but that is a whole other blog!) She does such realistic and life-like portaits that are amazing. I will post a couple of tattoo pics and a picture of Kat for those who have never seen the show. Anyway, I had dreams of being in the LA INK tattoo studio and seeing colorful visions of various tattoos. It was a really cool experience. I could see the colors so vividly I did not want to wake up! I guess that was my Thanksgiving present!

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maggie said...

I wanted a tattoo for years, but I waited until after 30 and am really glad, too.

Enjoy the dreams! Mine only lasted for a short while, but they were incredible.