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Thursday, December 6, 2007

25 days off Nicotne! Whoooo Hooooo ! Oh and Lets Have a Menthol!

I cannot believe that the days are just adding up! I have been on Chantix over a month and have 25 smoke and nicotine free days! Amazing! What is more amazing though is my head which should be called RADIO K-FUCK! My mind keeps telling me, "A menthol cigarette would taste SO good, it would help your throat etc." Yes and little children and animals should smoke too right?

I had to tell my head, "Shut the hell up, thanks and have a nice day....I don't smoke!" Fortunatly, my craving and desire is really low so it was easy to do. I hope my cravings continue to deminish all the way to ONE on the quitmeter. Right now I am like a 2-3. I hope all is well with others trying to quit. It is the hardest thing I have ever quit but probably the most meaningful. I see a lot of other bloggers drop off...I hope they are just settling into their new lives as non-smokers. I will continue to blog on especially since I am sick and have a lot of time.

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maggie said...

Hahaha, yep, the menthol thing - I can related. I used to smoke when sick, and the menthols actually did seem to feel soothing while smoking, but there was hell to pay shortly after that. You are doing great!