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Monday, December 24, 2007

Finally Feeling a Bit Better...Happy Holidays All!

Hi All:
I am feeling WAY better....I only have two more steroid pills to go. This weekend I slept a lot and took really good care of myself. I refused to go to a million holiday gatherings and only went to really low-key ones. I have not been to the mall and only bought a few small gifts for people. I am doing what blogger Tracee Souix at her Quitcoping bog suggested, downsizing Christmas!
I did not originally set out to downsize Christmas but since I have been so sick, I was not left with much of a choice. It was either overextend myself and stay sick or learn to say "No" and not have to deal with the added holiday stress. For me, dealing with stress means lighting up, pure and simple. Since I am no longer a smoker, lighting up is not an option. I had to do things differently. I am sure I will have a wonderful holiday with family and friends whether or not I spent a ton of money. Wishing all my fellow quitters a really nice Christmas Eve. I am off to buy a ham because that is the one thing I need to contribute to the family dinner tomorrow. It is SO much easier having to buy and cook ONE thing as opposed to an ENTIRE dinner.
Happy Holidays,

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