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Saturday, December 1, 2007

30 Days on Chantix...19 Days Smoke and Nicotine Free!

I am still sick but I am feeling a lot better. I was reading Bab's good-bye letter to cigarettes and Phillip Morris. Funny, we both smoked Marlboro Lights and remember the Marlboro Miles campaign. http://rantingworld.blogspot.com/ Hang in there Babs! You can do it! I could relate to so much of her post it inspired me to write down memories of my own. I am in the process of working on it. I am off to pick up some pizza and watch reruns of "Flavor of Love' Peace out all.


maggie said...

Nothing like a pizza and some trash TV (I use the term trash with affection - I watch more than my share). My perfect weekend ;) Glad you are feeling better.

Marcia Sherwood said...

Hi- Found your blog doing a chantix search. I've not smoked for7 days, have been taking Chantix for 2 weeks and was also a 30 year smoker. Glad to find so many success stories.

Babs said...

Hey Diva!

Thanks for your comment the support I get here on the blog is great! I've been free from nicotine slavery since the 26th of novemember -- that makes a 7 days now!
I remember when I would say.. "When cigarettes get to 2 dollars I'm quitting - When cigarettes go to 3 dollars I'm quitting (giggles) when cigarettes get to 4 dollars I'm quitting" RIGHT! I never did but I am totally positive I have quit before they reached 4.50 (smiles)
Hang in there together we can all do this because each person that visits our blogs are trying the same thing we are.. So we defently know we aren't alone and we do have alot of support!