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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick Post About Last Day of Stop Smoking Class

Today was the last day of my non-smoking support group! It was weird, I am still kind of under the weather and laid down but did not want to miss the class. Normally I would have just stayed in bed because I had no real buy in to the program. This is the second time I have gone through the class this year. The first time I went was before I started Chantix and I was on the nicotine patch. I learned a lot of things about dealing with stresses, how to delay smoking and many other coping mechanisms. Then I went on Chantix and decided to go to the class again. My attitude and success level was WAY higher this time. The instructor is awesome and DJ's as a hobby like I used to! That is where I got the name Diva by the way.....Fierce Diva in Da House....."throw your hands up.....your a non-smoker!" I need to go back to doing something creative with music. Just think, I have an extra two hours a day to do it just by not smoking! I actually have time to do something I love! I am ready to go back to mixing music and MC'ing parties. I am going to make this a priority for the new year.

The people in this class are awesome and I am thinking about going back for a third time! I could use the support and I want to give back the hope that has been so freely given to me. There is on guy in the class that made me believe I could do it. He was on Chantix and I saw that he was actually successful and was not smoking! After that, I will have to roll into the Freedom from Fat program! Now that I am feeling a bit better, my appetite is returning. I am still not completely well and need to take it easy so I do not relapse. Lets just say not having a voice for a week made me realize what it would be like if I NEVER had a voice! I kept asking myself, "What if my my voice box was permanently damaged?" I would have done it to myself. I was left with a overwhelming feeling of gratitude and I still feel really grateful I can talk again. That was a big wake up call to say the least.



maggie said...

Excellent stuff, Diva, and now we know the origin of your nickname, too! I hadn't even thought about the not being able to talk thing - so glad I quit now, too. I also love that you are willing to go back to the classes to pass it on and give back to others just starting out. It really helps a lot to do that kind of thing, I think. Good for you!

Stan said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and lending some support to me! We'll get there, one day at a time!