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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Laryngitis Sucks!

Hey All:
Lets see....I seem to be getting worse instead of getting better. I feel a little bit better physically but my voice is totally gone. I am going to work today but may need a few more days off to get my voice back. Wish me well. Anyone know any remedies to getting my voice back?

PS: I am still a non-smoker even thought a really stressful situation made me feel like lighting up. I realized really quickly that smoking was not going to make my situation or my voice get any better.

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maggie said...

I only lost my voice once, and it was the quietest few days of my life! Tom was enjoying the peace, I think. Anyway, I only got it back by not talking. At all. About killed me. And I got writer's cramp ;)

I have no suggestions other than to rest and hush and to keep on not smoking.